Foods you ate in the 60's or 70's that are still good.

I brought this up because I’m making La Choy beef with rice. I’m going back to my childhood.

Spam, I like it dammit. Not every day but for a Saturday on the couch watching football…yeah.

Pigs in blankets (hotdog segments wrapped in Pillsbury biscuit dough).


ETA: Zotz.

Rice a Roni would be OK in the right context. This subject is actually making me realize how much 60-70’s packaged food sucked.

Most of the convenience foods from that era were most forgettable for me. I won’t be serving Steakum’s and Champale to my guests anytime soon. Nope. Ditto Whip N’ Chill.

Almost everything.

I won’t eat braunschwager anymore.

Onion dip (dried soup mix ‘n’ sour cream).

Salty, but good.

Luckily, potato chip technology has improved significantly since then.

Kraft Mac & Cheese.:slight_smile: I love it, and have since the 50’s.

I expect some of the Twinkies I ate in the 60’s could still be good, if they had been kept in their orginal packaging and stored in a cool, dark place.

Cheez-its (Cheez-Its are NOT the same as Cheese Nips, why make a list if you aren’t going to follow it </Roger the Alien>) or goldfish crackers… loved them as a kid… I still always have some on hand.

Oddly, Twinkies have a rather short shelf life.

Mushroom soup-based casseroles (tuna, broccoli and ham, chicken tortilla). Not my personal favorites, but they are generally innocuous and the kids like them.

Fondue! I still have a harvest gold fondue pot from the 70s that works perfectly. Yum!

I bought a container of salt in 1975. It’s still good. As you might imagine, I don’t use table salt very often :slight_smile:

When my brother (who is almost 50) asked for what he wanted for dinner on his 5th birthday, long before I was born, family legend says he asked for “hamurmers an burnt potatos.” Since then, my Mom’s recipe for pan-fried potatos has gone by that somewhat unflattering name. I made sure Mom taught my wife how to make them, and I still enjoy them to this day. Nothing like thick-sliced potatos fried in a black iron skillet with bacon grease, onions, and lots of pepper until they are slightly blackened, with “hamurmers” or any other dish.

25 days for baked goods is short?

Anyway, I’ve had 'em a few years past their ‘sell by’ date, and I couldn’t tell the difference. :smiley:

Carnation Instant Breakfast
Pop Tarts
I think if I was a Doctor and had the stereotypical collection of glass jars on shelves displaying assorted body parts in formaldehyde, I’d include one jar with a Twinkie in it.

Underwood deviled ham, I choose not to look at the ingredients because I still like it on crackers. I made the mistake of reading what goes into Armor potted meat because I was feeling nostalgic…blech. Not going back there. And one more! Easy cheese, what can be better than fake cheese in a can of compressed air?

Hey, how old is Easy Cheese, anyway? Was it around in the 1970s? I always think of it as a product of the late 80s.

Screaming Yellow Zonkers.

I found some homemade peppermints from the 70’s, crumbly but still pretty good.