Foods you despise?

Onions. Even the word “onion” makes me cringe in fear. I don’t care how finely sliced you chopped them, I don’t care that you say “they dissolve”…because they don’t. Just keep them away. Far far away. Onions were sent to earth by Satan himself to punish the good people of the world.

Capers. Yecch!
To a lesser extent, kidney, liver, and zucchini.

Peas are the devil’s food. Anytime I eat them I feel like I am popping pimples inside my mouth. The same goes for lima beans.

I’m not a big fan of Greens, either. They smell and taste terrible.

Gizzards, liver, tongue… yech! Not a big fan of pork chops, either.

Anything containing cabbage (cole slaw, sauerkraut, etc) is just awful too. Brussel sprouts fall into this category.

Eggplant, okra, and squash are abominations as well.

I only recently developed a taste for onions, but peppers are still nasty.

Don’t like licorice, raspberries, or anything banana or orange flavored

Believe it or not, I loved spinach, mushrooms, and fish as a kid (still do as an adult). I must be weird.

Olives–little demon seeds.

Raw broccoli or cauliflower. I don’t care if it’s good for me and cures cancer and makes me regular and all that–if it smells like it crawled into a used gym sock and died then I won’t eat it. (if the stuff is cooked it’s okay, though not my favorite food.)

Sprouts or avocadoes. Also beets and turnips. How people ever got started eating those things is beyond me.

Most breakfast cereals (I believe this is due to a traumatic childhood event involving a cockroach and some cereal, but I’ve suppressed the memory too much to be certain.)


On the other hand I love liver and onions.

Liver, ew. Likewise any other inernal organ meats, although to be fair to internal organ meats everywhere, I haven’t tasted any. Nor will I. Ickyweird meat is safe from me. I consider lamb, veal and raw fish to be ickyweird as well.

Cilantro or thyme (both of which I covered in another thread around here somewhere.)

Eggplant - the only way to properly prepare this item is to peel it, dice it finely, and toss it in the garbage.

Cooked zucchini - slime disguised as a vegetable, but I will eat it raw. Ditto cooked spinach.

Green peppers, and I can’t even pick 'em out of things because they pollute everything.


My mom tried telling me that mayo doesn’t smell. Her husband and I both VERY LOUDLY protested THAT one! Ick, ick, ick! Keep that crap away from me!!!

(His mom once served me a lunch made of four separate mayo-based salads. Even the FRUIT SALAD was mayo-based. Imagine my horror! I wouldn’t have complained if there’d been, say, potato salad and other stuff besides that, but there WAS no other stuff! To her credit, she pulled some turkey out of the fridge and I had a sandwich. I was prepared to eat the bread and butter that was on the table, until I remembered that at least one of her kids (relatively speaking) doesn’t eat mayo either. His mom is cool. I like her lots. I just don’t understand the whole mayo thing.)

Tomato chunks. Sauce is okay, and if there are chunks I avoid them. The worst thing is that if there’s been a tomato slice in a salad, most of it is contaminated by tomato juice and seeds. sigh

Mustard. Can’t get it past my nose. Though I oddly adore this green bean dish made with black mustard seed. It must be something in the processing that makes me hate it.

most dried beans
blue cheeses of any kind
canned tuna
mayonaise in any form
soy food anything tofu, tempeh etc (other than soy sauce)
most squash

I almost forgot!

Sour cream and any salad dressing that is not a vinegar & oil variant

Ah, yer’ all a bunch of pussies. Missing out on some of the wonders of the culinary world with your scaredy-cat aversions. :smiley:

There’s only one thing that should never be ingested.

Tripe. Uggghh.

Anise. Most commonly found in black licorice. Just thinking about it makes my teeth hurt.

Yes, yes, yes. I loathe coconut in the forms in which it’s generally found in the US. Can’t stand it; it’s why I don’t like German chocolate cake, for example.

But then my wife and I went to Fiji, and I got to have brand-spankin’-fresh coconut out of the shell straight off the tree. Omigod, it’s delicious. What the hell happens to it after that?

Cooked cucumbers. Raw or pickled, OK. Cooked, yuck.

Green or red bell peppers, especially cooked. Double yuck.

Squashes and its kin.

I will eat anything. I have eaten just about everything. My aversions are few and far between. But when I hate something I hate it with a burning passion.

  1. I would just as soon drink goat urine as a glass of milk. Same goes for blood. Bodily fluids must be deeply disguised before I can consume them. Thus hard cheese is acceptable, but ricotta and cottage cheese are intolerable.

  2. Brussel Sprouts are as foul a vegetable as could possibly exist. The only food which I have spit out in polite company.

  3. Cooked carrots are a sin against nature. You take a lovely slightly sweet raw vegetable and turn it into a ruinous mush. To regain the carrots former glory you attempt to bathe it in butter or even brown sugar. You will never return it to the perfectly lovely state in which it began its existence.

Glad to see I’m not the only one who hates coconut! Whee!

I too hate organ meat. Bleh.

Most veggies I will eat, aside from Brussel Sprouts, eggplant, zucchini and squash.

I’ve never tried some of the other stuff mentioned, such as Okra, greens etc.

Oh, and grits. NASTY ASSED STUFF! Even my grandfather gagged. LOL

My sister and grandfather disagree on just about everything in life, except that Cucumbers can make sealed bagged milk and unopened cans taste like cucumber. :smiley:

I can only eat cucumbers if they’re pickled. If they’re raw or (heaven forbid) cooked, they just make me want to vomit.

I also dispise:
Anything curried
raisins (little, sticky, dried-up bugs…blergh!)
organ meat of any kind

I’ve got to be one of the pickiest eaters on the planet. I won’t eat any of the following:

seafood of any kind- if it comes out of the water, it’s not going in my mouth
brussel sprouts
red sauce
hot dogs
sausage (I know, all the same animal, but for some reason I love ham)
bell peppers
potatoes- unless they’re fried, but they have to be thin and extra crispy
sticky or minute rice- I’ll only eat basmati
almost any form of soy
peanuts and peanut butter
corn bread
chocolate for the most part
mint- even my toothpaste isn’t mint

That’s all I can think of right now


I was picking the damn things off my hamburger when I was as young as five years old.

escargot are just fancy slugs
anything with tentacles, or ::shudder:: eels
cooked carrots (I like raw ones)
banana bread
organ meat
most fish (except King Salmon)
steamer clams, mussels - any mucusy thing in a half shell
yogurt - bleh!

Oh gawd, Lady Venom, I’d completely forgotten about grits.
Tastes sort of like corn, but with bleach broth. I have, out of deference to my southern friends, tried them over and over again. Cheesy grits, buttered grits, sugar-and-milk grits, bacony grits… they’re all still grits when all is said and done. Yuck.

Cream of Wheat, on the other hand… nummy!

Ditto. With the exception of tunafish. And then, only with plenty of mayo in.

You guys are missing out on a lot of good stuff. I usually don’t care for mushrooms or olives, except I’ll eat them when they’re on pizza. I’ll eat just about anything. And I absolutely love seafood, especially salmon and lobster. Mmmm. I’ll eat just about anything.