Foods you despise?

After accepting a dinner invitation from a friend, I was asked if there are any foods I do not like.

For taste, I can not STAND celery, coconut or walnuts. I also hate hate hate curried anything. The one acception to celery is KFC’s mixed veggie salad.

For texture…Jello. or anything of similar jiggly, squishy texture. Makes me gag huge :eek:

So, what are your food aversions?

Anything with mint. I don’t even like the damn word. Yeeeuuuccch!

ugh, preview!! That should be exception!

I can eat, but I would rather avoid, real spicy food. Also I am not a fan any seafood besides a few kinds of fish, a lil lobster and a lil crab. Otherwise, to be polite, I could eat pretty much anything else.

Mushrooms are the Devil’s Fungus.

Don’t like raw onions (except for thinly sliced red ones on a sammich).

Can’t stand fish (except for the occasional piece of tuna sushi. I will eat small amounts of “sea bugs” - lobster, crab, shrimp, and “mud bugs” (crayfish).

I haven’t tried mollusks (oysters, scallops, mussels) because of my aversion for things from the water.

I like somewhat spicy food, but not make-your-eyes-water-and-tongue-burn kind of stuff.

I avoid spicy food and asparagus. Ugh, steamed asparagus. Practically ruins dinner for me if it’s served.

I am squeemish about offal, liver, hearts, brains etc.

I also disslike mint, I think it is because I associate mint with toothpaste which is of course quite horrible when swallowed.

Something about beetroot and shredded carrot I find disgusting, a memory from old school dinners.

Hominy - corn soaked in lye. Blech.

Beets, although I haven’t had 'em since I was a kid.

Limburger cheese. The Bugs Bunny cartoons don’t do it justice.

Okra, except for my MIL’s pickled.

I will keep trying curry, but they’ve all been too bitter so far.

Ultra-spicy food: pleasure = pain … huh?

Brussel Sprouts are Evil personified. Okra is Beezulbub’s vegetable. Offal is awful. Liver and Onions is a waste of good onions.

Of course, a lot of that hatred is due to presentation. A friend of mine, an ex-chef, once invited me to dinner, and served fish and squash, two foods I really am not fond of. I cleaned my plate, ate seconds, and fought for the last piece of fish on the platter. The secret? Cream sauce. With cream sauce, asphalt is edible!

Unlike the others so far, I love ultra-spicy foods of all kinds…the more nuclear the better.

Sanibelman - try asparagus with…you guessed it…cream sauce. Yummy.

Please do not reveal any more 12[sup]th[/sup] level professional cooking secrets to the uninitiated. Do so again and chefs everywhere will sneak a hunk of fish or squash (without cream sauce) into every restaurant meal you are served.

And with that bit of my guild duties behind me …

Liver, fried liver that is. Paté, Braunschweiger, Teawurst … love 'em.

Fried liver = fried mud

Dried coconut is one of the few other foods I cannot stand. I love coconut straight out of the shell, but the flavor does not work for me in any other form. Coconut pudding, coconut pie, especially dried coconut shavings on any dessert is enough to make me wanna toss my cookies. Same thing goes for strawberries. Fresh ones? I’ll eat 'em like popcorn. Strawberry ice cream, soda, candy, preserves … can you say “cloying?”

Avacados (and by extension, guacamole)
Bananas (that squishy texture doesn’t feel right in my mouth)
Cole slaw
Olives (green or black)


I would eat just about anything (vegetarian) other than peas. Fresh are okay, frozen are hidous, canned, an absolute abomination.

And creamed corn.

Imagine my horror upon being introduced to mushy peas. The worst, the absolute worst, of both worlds. ugh.

dwc, for the record, you have listed about half of my diet ! Tkae out mayo (and peas, of course) and you’d have my weekly shopping list. No offense but if you wanted to come over for dinner we’d have a few problems to work through. At least you can be sure I wouldn’t serve peas !

Seafood. Any kind.

Mayonnaise is Satan’s condiment.

I’d like to blow the whole goddamned island of Minorca off the map because that is where it was invented. At least, that’s where the town of Mayonne (Mahon) is.$rec=115617

Apple Butter


“Variety” meat (tripe, tongue, liver etc…)


So I shouldn’t list the recipe for my favorite “Warm Peas with Bacon, Onion, and Mayonaise Dressing” salad? :wink:

Lady Venom, are you me? You hit three of my four - the only one I would add is hard boiled eggs. I always thought I hated avocado, but it turns out that’s because my grandmother made spinach salad with avacodo and hard boiled eggs. The eggs would get all eggy all over everything. It turns out that I love avocado.

And walnuts - turned out I was actually allergic to them, so that explains a lot, and gives me a great excuse for turning down home-baked goodies.

Oh lord - you all have reminded me of many more …

avocados (and their spawn, guacamole), green olives (with or without pimentos), organ meat, beets (taste like red dirt - pickled or not), hominy, okra (unless breaded & fried), mayonnaise (the smell makes me ill), saurkraut, egg yolks (BLECH!!).

Turnip greens - anything that smells like rotten gym shorts should not be eaten.

Mushrooms - see above.

Oysters - see above.

Beets are just wrong.

I DESPISE any organ meat, mussels, oysters, and licorice.