What Foods Do You Dislike that Everyone Else Loves?

This subject has probably been a thread at some time, but I haven’t seen any lately.

I don’t like avocados. I don’t taste anything in them but slime. Now, I’m not opposed to all slimy foods. I love the goo in tomatoes, and I prefer runny yolks in my eggs. But those are tasty slimes. Avocados taste like nothing, just slime. Congealed, well-formed slime, but still, just slime.

Even more shocking, I don’t like guacamole either. Doesn’t matter what is put into it. The avocados will deactivate every flavor molecule it touches. The avocado is a black hole of a fruit, so negative in flavor that it will suck the succulence away of whatever it is paired with.

So, what food do you hate that everyone else loves?



Not many - call me gourmet, gourmand, glutton or (formerly) trencherman, I like just about everything that isn’t completely repulsive (e.g. Rocky Mountain Oysters, tripe, tongue).

I can’t stand sweet dinner foods, though - glazes, sweet or even sweet-and-sour sauces, fruit cooked with meat, pineapple on pizza. I like the components, in most cases, but a sweet glaze on a pork chop means there will be more pork chops for everyone else. I am told I make killer cranberry sauce (always from fresh berries), and I like the taste of it while I’m cooking it, but I can’t stand it on any Thanksgiving foods.

We have a daughter who absolutely can’t stand chocolate, which is pretty unusual. There are any number of people who don’t care for chocolate, but she will fight, claw, scratch, barf and die before eating a bite. No physical allergy involved.

I’m with Nitro on sweet dinner foods. Bleh.

I can’t handle the texture of eggplant or okra.

Fresh tomatoes
Raw onion

Beef in any form

Everyone else see,s to like pineapple. I despise it.

I also hate the taste of water, though I’m not sure that’s a “food.”

Green capsicum (but I love red capsicum, so go figure)
Another vote for pineapple on pizza
Fresh coconut.


Potatoes, especially French fries.

Coffee. I don’t see how it could be considered food, and I don’t see how any one can drink that vile substance, or even smell it.

Beets. If somebody sliced off the devil’s hemorrhoids, I imagine this is what they would look, smell and taste like.


I love the smell of coffee, but have never liked the taste.

I’ve never really had much of a sweet tooth, and I’m getting more sugar averse as I age, so there’s loads of things that other people like that I just don’t care for very much.

Goddamned bananas. I don’t even like to smell them.

But I REALLY hate banana flavored things. Banana Runts just fuck up all the other Runts.

I’m going to be repeating what a few others have said with some of these:
cranberry sauce
strawberries (really any berries…can’t stand the texture)
red grapes

olives. Can’t stand them. the merest taste of them makes me gag. And yes, I’ve been through the “oh, try these, they’re so much better than canned ones” spiel. Still make me yak.

blue cheeses. Utterly disgusting. Smell and taste so rotten that I can’t figure out how anyone wants to be in the same room with it, much less willingly eat it.

those are the only two things I universally hate. Everything else is case-by-case or preparation-dependent.

I like bananas well enough, but whatever is used for “banana flavour” is utterly rank. Same with pears and grapes.

Tomatoes are the only thing listed so far that I don’t like.

The only other commonly liked food that I don’t like is rare meat. I want my meat to be cooked through.

This is one for me, though not as big as a few others. I think of it more as sweet and savory just don’t go together. There’s a few I can eat, but I rarely like it, just find it… edible. Pineapple on pizza is probably the prime example, but it’s also common in a lot of Americanized Asian foods.

Peanut Butter is nasty. I like Peanuts, but for some reason when it’s mushed up it tastes completely different. I don’t understand it, but that’s how it is.

Seafood. It’s the fishy flavor. People will tell me to try this or that, that whatever I had wasn’t prepared right and it doesn’t taste like that if it is. So I try it, and the fishy flavor is still there. If it’s well prepared, the fishy flavor can be a lot more subtle, but it never goes away and it’s always revolting.

Barbecue Sauce. This is probably the most vile substance every perpetrated on humankind as a food. First, if the meat is properly prepared, it doesn’t NEED any sauce, because it’s not all dried out and nasty, so generally this stuff only ends up on terrible meat anyway. But even the smell of it is nauseating, and if I somehow eat it by accident, I’ll at least gag. BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs, BBQ chips, all thoroughly and completely disgusting.