"Normal" foods that make you retch

Inspired by the “unpopular foods you like” thread… what so-called normal foods make you recoil in horror?


  1. mustard. Can’t even stand the smell.
  2. pork. I cannot eat any part of a pig. Ever.
  3. cherries. Nasty, popping sensation in the mouth. Ick.
  4. mushrooms. Grow under dead logs. Need I say more?
  5. tomatoes. Squishy, slimy, and the guts are the consistency of snot … eeewwww.
  6. beans. Pasty. Foul-smelling. I’ll starve first.
  7. white bread (store-bought, at least)… mushy, tasteless, wimpy.
  8. prime rib. If this isn’t the grossest thing I’ve ever seen on a plate… I can’t even watch other people eat it.

I’ll probably think of more, but just for starters…

The world’s pickiest eater? Possibly.

Mayonaise. I can’t stand it. Probably the nastiest condiment known to man.

I also can’t stand the thought of eating oysters…ugh…

The stuff you posted above just kinda makes me hungry…

I forgot that one… I’m with ya on mayonnaise, but I LOVE Miracle Whip. Go figure…

Celery. Celery is evil. Even the smell makes me want to retch. How can people eat that? How can they even be in the same room with it?

  1. Onions - allergic to them, just the smell of them make me retch.
  2. Chicken broth - drank it for 3 weeks afer my surgery, even walking by it in the grocery store is enough to get me nauseated.
  3. Beef broth - see #2
  4. Liver - ick.

Dill is evil.

White rice (it’s the texture…makes me gag)
over-ripe bananas (some people call them ripe. I like mine a little green)
I could talk about things like tripe, but that’s not necessarily a “typical” thing around here.

Reminded me of another one… pickles. Their innards are that same snot-like consistency.

Boiled cabbage (a house clearer if ever there was one)
Mayonnaise (which is odd, since I used to eat mayo sandwiches as a kid)
tuna fish

Cereal. Any kind. I CANNOT stand it. At all. Even thinking about it for too long…

ugh…I forgot Tuna. I absolutley hate tuna! Probably because it is usually mixed with Mayo…ugh…

Okra is God’s cruel little joke.

Does that mean you are the one living person who doesn’t like Rice Krispies Treats? :smiley:

Well, I don’t like them. Whether or not I’m the only living person that doesn’t is something for greater minds than I to decide. =)

You ain’t the only one!

Raw Tomatoes (cooked are good)
Mint (eewwwwww!!! even the smell makes me wretch)
Any Mexican food
Mushrooms (like slimy little leeches)

Peppermint tea is meant to be an anti-nauseant, but it has the ability to bring my guts to my throat.

Good retch material!

peanut butter - dry, pasty…just nasty
celery - horrible horrible flavor.


Lsura, I’m with you on the overripe bananas. Plus:

1)garlic - its smell & taste - ugh.
2)the thought of offal makes me feel queasy; never tried it, never will.
3) snails / oysters. Never tried either, not sure if I would.