Foods You'll Eat Frozen But Shouldn't Be Frozen

I was coming out of the grocery store today and a couple (man and woman) were ahead of me (we had both paid and heading toward the exit) and the guy stops, pauses, grabs a package of link sausages and pops it open and puts one in his mouth. His lady fiends says “What are you doing?” He says “What, they’re fully cooked?”

Indeed they did appear from my viewpoint to be the reheat and serve kind.

Anyway he didn’t seem to mind.

So I got to thinking are there foods that are frozen that you’ll eat that way even though they should be defrosted or reheated or even cooked? :slight_smile:

I know I love to put Twinkies in the freezer overnight and eat them that way, admittedly that’s not quite the same thing, if at all

I did that with Hostess Cupcakes when I was a kid - I wasn’t a fan of the “creamy filling” but could tolerate it if it was frozen solid.

I would also eat frozen Christmas cookies. My mom would make them a week or so ahead and would freeze them to keep us from eating them all before the holiday. It merely slowed us down - but enough to have sufficient cookies available, so I guess it was a solution after all.

All I can relate is this experience - way back in the early 80’s(!), when I was in the high school Key Club, I worked the hot dog stand at our basketball games. There’d be three of us there, dividing up the chores, and often I’d be the hot dog boiler and server-guy. Well, we had a number of ahem, african american girls who would always ask that the hot dog NOT be cooked, but taken straight from the freezer. I kid you not, they’d have me put them on the bun, and they would literally eat them right in front of my eyes that way. Week after week after week. And to them it wasn’t even a big deal. I thought it was ultra-bizarre.

When I was a kid I used to eat frozen French fries if I had a sore throat.

Cheesecake! “This cheesecake can be frozen - allow slices to thaw for an hour after taking out of the freezer.” Yeah, right.

Frozen waffles.

I used to like frozen cool whip better than ice cream. Now I can’t stand it. Don’t know if they changed the recipe or my taste buds finally died . . .

Frozen cookie dough, but I’m not sure this is all that uncommon any more. Was definitely considered bizarre in the mid-eighties when I started doing it.

Canned biscuit dough, not frozen but uncooked.

That sausage thing is retchifying though. . .

I’ll eat those Morningstar “chicken” nuggets. I just shove one in my mouth and naw on it until it gets soft enough to chomp. I eat frozen french fries too. I too used to eat frozen Cool Whip, but not any more. I used to put the frozen Cool Whip between two pieces of toast and eat it like an ice cream sandwich. I think I would have no problem with a frozen sausage, but I think the shape is wrong.

Evidently people flip OUT if you give those to teething babies these days. When I was younger it was de regeur, and a step up from rubbing whiskey on the gums.

Why? I think it’d work great

When I was a kid we used to pick blueberries and freeze them. Once in awhile I would sneak a bowl of frozen blueberries, pour milk and sugar on them, and eat them. Delicious but my mother caught me she would get mad at me for eating so many berries.

I’ll eat a couple kernels of frozen corn. It’s actually not bad on a hot day.

Frozen peas. I used to eat them by the handful as a kid, and I still do it now if I get the chance. They’re like little sweet balls of chilled deliciousness. :slight_smile:

Frozen french toast sticks. Yum! They have about a thousand calories in each of them, but their sooo worth it.

When it’s hot I enjoy frozen grapes. Delicious.

I only eat chocolate frozen. In fact, I prefer my Snickers that way. Little Debbie Swiss cake rolls are also much better frozen.

Seconding the frozen blueberries. I go pick pounds at a time at a you-pick-em place, and freeze them until I’m ready to make my blueberry-habanero jelly. The dogs love 'em frozen too! (Of course, they will eat anything that hits the kitchen floor, or falls within a foot of their open, drooling jowls.)

You are only the second human I know who does this.

Frozen Brussels sprouts. Yum.

Frozen cinnamon waffles.

Frozen Swiss Cake Rolls, the Little Debbie things. Delicious.

Why the “ahem”?

So do I, but this is obviously the purpose for which grapes exist.