FoodSaver bags not staying tightly suctioned on coffee

I’m presuming this is because the coffee I buy is so friggin’ fresh that it’s emitting gasses that “fill up” the FoodSaver bags that used to be tightly suctioned. These are the only bags I fill/seal that don’t stay suctioned.

It’s the gasses, right?

You might check the sealing wire, on your machine, to make sure it’s clean and smooth, if it has any blemishes it may leave a tiny airway. I don’t think the coffee is responsible, you can buy coffee in vacuum sealed pkgs. and they are not affected by anything like that.

There’s a one-way valve on most pre-packed ground coffee so the coffee can vent off whatever it’s venting, but not allow air into the bag.

There are many brands of vacuum sealed ground coffee (in those mylar bricks), and they don’t seem to outgas anything that would break the vacuum.