Foodstuff as gifts.

I’m trying to be very creative in my gift giving this year.

Less capitalism and more heartfelt, as it were. Before I do though I thought I’d come here and ask what people think of food stuffs as gifts.

Excepting the wretched Christmas cake or traditional cookies, which are pretty standard.

Would you like a gift of some homemade foodstuffs?

I have received in the past;
Homemade Kahlua, vanilla extract, which I greatly appreciated. But then I love home made over store bought.

What do you think?

Almost everyone likes Christmas (sugar) cookies and or Christmas fudge. Outside of that you should know what people like in food. I love cheeses for example, but some people don’t.

That’s why I like Christmas cookies, you never go wrong with them.

In cafe society (maybe as far back as 2 weeks) someone was talking about canned goods for gifts and that was a good idea. I have given out strawberry jam, salsa and pepper jelly and those were all well received. They were talking chili, and that (IMHO) was kinda iffy.

Home canned goods are almost always a winner. Spiced apple rings (bottom) or pear honey are always welcome.

I voted “it depends”.

Canned goods, stuff like the homemade Kahlua or vanilla would be great. But stuff I have to eat right away or it’ll go bad, I don’t love. I’m appreciative of the thought, but a big batch of cookies will either get given to someone else, or eventually tossed when they go stale and I’ve only gone through a few of them.

And I have a tiny freezer, so it’s just not practical.

I have given lots of people fruitcake, so you probably don’t want my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m determined to convert people by introducing them to Alton Brown’s recipe, which doesn’t include any candied fruit, especially neon green cherries.)

Anyway, I’m usually glad to receive food gifts. Even when it’s stuff I don’t really like, I truly appreciate the kindness and effort, and it’s kind of fun to see what different people come up with.

I used to have a weight problem and I hate to get gifts of cookies/candy/baked goods because I don’t keep those foods in the house and just try to limit eating them in general*. I say thank you politely and either immediately regift or pitch. Pepper jelly or home made vanilla extract would be okay.

*No, I don’t feel like a sad, deprived person. I was a pretty miserable person when I was fat, though!

I like giving and receiving food gifts, and consumables of any kind. The advantage in both situations is it’s not some tchotchkie that the recipient has to feel obliged to keep around forever. You can either eat it or give it away, no harm, no foul.

I will thank someone effusively for a gift of fruitcake, because I know it’s a lot of work to make and it’s the thought that counts, but that sucker is getting regifted or pitched, I’ll tell you that right now. :smiley:

Also, fortunately Mr. S has a bunch of co-workers who will eat almost anything.

If it’s something I know I like, I love getting home-made foodstuffs; now that we’re in WV, I’m half-hoping some tenant will gift me some moonshine for Christmas! :smiley:
Stuff I’ll definitely use like home-made hot cocoa mix or jellies or jams, I’m all for. Stuff that’s home-made because I know the giver is on a tight budget, but wanted to know they are thinking of me anyway, I really appreciate, whether I’ll use it or not! :wink:

So I checked “It depends”.

I checked “only if they know I like this”.

Much as I appreciate the thought and effort, I’m a Type II diabetic who lives alone. I try not to keep stuff that I shouldn’t eat or should only eat in very small quantities around, as I don’t have the sense to stop with it once I start. Those who know me and know the issues are usually good about having their kids do artwork for me or something like that rather than give me all of those lushous goodies.

However, a couple of friends do give me things that I can eat, such as cheese, homemade venison sausage or venison roasts, steaks or other cuts, sugar free jam…and those gifts are not only eaten, but eaten with gusto.

I like them, usually gift baskets have stuff I would like, but never buy for myself, fancy coffees and teas, cheese things, and so forth.

On the other hand I was so proud of buying my grandparents a little shortbread basket with tiny jams and things when I was 12, with my own money and my Grandmother said to my mom (in front of me, not realizing who had bought what…) “We must be getting old, people are buying us food.” (She has 10 children, 22 grand children, and no real hobbies, so she was always tough to buy for)

So, I don’t usually buy food as gifts, but I will put cookies or something if a dish is the present.

Middle-aged bachelor here. If you give me food, I’ll try to eat it. If it sucks, I’ll throw it out for the local wildlife. Even if it kills the critters, you’ll get thanked politely.

Baked goods rock.
Salty-crunchy mixed up stuff–Bridge Mix, maybe? That stuff rocks.
Meat rocks.
Booze rocks. Bourbon rocks hardcore.
Soups are welcome.

Veggies, no. I’m mostly carnivorous.
Jellies, no. Don’t use them.
Coffee, no. Don’t drink it.
Anything that came from a Health Food store? No. Bad juju.

I’ve only ever given fancy foodstuff as gifts. (Wine, cheese, coffee, hot chocolate, just chocolate, honey, etc.) Nothing I’ve made myself. I wouldn’t mind receiving homemade stuff as a present though, depending on what it is. Condiments and spices would always be welcome.

If you make me those sweet, slightly spiced round cookies covered in powdered sugar, (I guess they’re kind of like pfeffernusse, but not quite the same and not as hard) or even tell me what they are, I will let you be the best man/maid of honor at my wedding. Homemade cookies are to die for – their rarity adds to their value, and it’s hard to find store bought cookies with the same flavor.

Other than that, most food is welcome here (just look at my waistline).

I voted “it depends”. If it’s homemade, I have to know that your kitchen isn’t a kitty play area. If someone who has a cat or cats gives me a plate of cookies, it probably won’t get eaten. Please don’t take offense if you are a kitteh parent. I love kittehs, but I know a lot of folks who’s kitties get on the table and counters.

If it’s store bought, pretty much anything goes.

I love to get food, but I’m a terribly picky eater, so I’ve gotten stuff I’m really just not interested in before. I’ll definitely appreciate the effort of homemade stuff, though. I did a bunch of jams and jellies and whatnot for the family this year, last year was mostly candies.

Stilton Cheese? Yes please!
Fancy honey? Save your money!
Bottle of wine? Always fine!
Home made tat? It will feed the cat!

Only stuff they know I like. Random jars of pickle or some weird jelly are just going to sit in my fridge for the next eighteen months till I’ve forgotten who gave it to me and I can throw it out. OTOH, my uncle makes really delicious apricot jam, and I love getting a jar of that. Candy and cookies are OK (my kids will eat them). Fruitcake, yum. Home-made kahlua, or vanilla essence sounds a bit weird to me. I’d want to know it wasn’t going to be horrible before I risked opening it.

Please add me to your Christmas list. I can give you the names of some nice wines and cheeses that would be perfect, if you need suggestions. In exchange, let me know what you’d like cooked for you.

I like it. I also make and like fruitcake, though, and have converted several anti-fruitcake people. (Hey, if it’s soaked in sherry and filled with dried cherries and ginger, it’s got to b good.)