Foot Adornment? Attractive or Weird?

I’ve noticed an upsurge recently in decorative items to wear on one’s feet. There are toe rings, ankle bracelets, and now these things.

What’s the Dope’s opinion on fancied up feet? Is foot jewelry (the anklets, rings, thongs) attractive? Only for young folks? Only for women/girls?

I’m sort of neutral on the idea of all of it right now. Pyramid Collection has a dragonfly foot thong, and I love anything dragonfly. I don’t want to be tacky, though.

I love this stuff! I have been told that I have nice-looking feet, and I often wear anklets and toe rings. I’m no spring chicken, but my drumsticks are still in pretty good shape. Why not have fun with my better parts? After all, it distracts people from looking at my face. :stuck_out_tongue:

      • The foot thongs look like bubblegum-hippie fashion. Thumbs down.
  • Toe rings don’t do a thing for me. I am wary of any person that has to have some jewelry attached to every part of their body possible.
  • Anklets look very sexy on the right woman… -As to the things around the waist–(waistlets? waistlaces? what the hell are them things called anyway)–but quite honestly, only reasonably shaped women should wear them, women who have a waist smaller than their hips.

  • Necklaces, earrings and bracelets just look pedestrian now. Necklaces for the most part you can’t really see, unless the woman’s got a very-revealing top on (like a bikini top or bra). Earrings and bracelets are so overdone it looks like many women are moonlighting as junk dealers. A girl wearing loud clunky jewelry comes off as pathetic and annoying more than anything, simply begging for whatever attention she can attract by wearing tacky noisemakers.

huh? Waistlets? I don’t think I’ve heard of this phenomenon, but then again, I am in the least hip place in the universe…

I like ankel bracelets, and toe rings. And on, to be gentle, women that are not
teeny boppers or twenty something, they seem even cooler to me because it
singnifies the’re hip!

Those foot thongs … first time I’ve even seen or even knew about the was through
your links FaerieBeth … Uuggg they look gaudy to me!

Waistlets, and belly button piercings don’t do anything for me. I don’t nessicerily find
them unattractive … I’m kind neutrla, but it seems to me that the girl is trying to
hard to point out “Hey, look how thin my waist is!” Yea, OK. I rather just see
nice fitting pants.

What really does it for me is if you have the waist for it a top that leaves
an inche of skin showing …Uummm :slight_smile: Just enough … just a peek!

Men wearing foot jewelry? Ugg, not IMO. Men wearing bracelets, OK.
My brother brought me a bracelet. I tried wearing it once. I don’t feel
comfertble with it on, like I’m being to vein, Ohhh, look how cool I am.
Ditto to my feelings about men and earings!

I wear a plain silver toe ring on my left middle toe. No one sees it except in my house, on the beach, or at the doctor’s, since I rarely wear shoes that showcase my toes. That’s about the extent of what I’d go for on jewelry attached to the bottom half of my body. The dragonflies are pretty, but not as foot jewelry. They’s feel too clunky, brightly colored, and gaudy for me to wear them, but I’ve seen other women wear much more outrageous things and look fine, so YMMV.

I was given something like that Skandals thing and ended up thinking it was stupid. It looks like a sandal but with none of the advantages of actually protecting your feet. Say you’re at the beach, barefooting around with your little foot jewelry and then you need to go back to the car or for a long walk, so you have to take the thing off and put on the thongs you’ve been having to carry around. You can’t leave it on because even if it doesn’t look stupid it’ll rub your foot and chew holes in your skin. They’re the six inch stilletto heels of jewelry-- nice pointed at the ceiling, but worthless for anything else.

Anklets you have to be careful with, you’ve got to get just the right size and style in order to not look trashy and to flatter your ankle. You could end up looking like a telephone pole with dental floss wrapped around it.

Toe rings are everywhere any more, my mom even has a few. As with anything else, if you like 'em, why not? If you’ve got good taste in picking other stuff, it stands to reason you’d know how to do (or not do) toe rings well. I’ve learned that reasonably well-maintained feet are a good thing if you’re going to attract attention to them with jewelry. This is something a cow-orker of mine, with hooves and toenails like yellow-green fritos doesn’t seem to grok.

The girlfriend in Jackie Brown wore a waist chain. You could see it as Harvey Keitel’s character had sex with her about half a minute after her boyfriend left the room. That kind of killed waist chains for me.

…I am a sucker ahem for female feet adorned or unadorned. Liv Tyler’s mendhis rocked my world, but so do pretty feet with heel calluses and chipped nail polish.

For a long time women knew that feet could attract men, but there was some shyness about it, because of the association to fetishes and perversions. Now that a lot of fetishes are going mainstream, feet seem pretty innocent in comparison. The trend for adornment is a sign of the change.

The more women are OK with their feet, the better. Especially if it gets some of them free of murderous high heel/pointy toe shoe styles.

I think feet are the ugliest part of the body (except for an extreme minority of women) and calling attention to them with jewelry is counter-productive. Toe rings, toenail polish on anyone over 50, potato chip toenails, big ugly veins, deformed toes, index toes longer than great toes, and toes that point in different direcions are but some of the reasons to wear closed toed shoes.

The first time I noticed this trend, I thought, “Huh, they’ve thought of something else to part young women from their cash…” Not that it’s not pretty sometimes, but it’s too frivolous for my taste. (I’m female, BTW.)

Since I wear socks and sneaks just about all the time, none of these things would be on my shopping list. Heck, I don’t even paint my toenails. But whatever floats one’s boat, I guess.

Im kind of in the same camp with BobLibDem - unless a woman’s feet are attractive in the first place, calling attention to them is seriously counter-productive.

But if they’re nice feet, anklets, toe rings and the like are nice. I’m all for it in that case.

Foot adornments look hot on a sexy Indian woman’s feet. They never quite looked right on anyone else, IMO.

The first time I ever saw toe rings were on the feet of two Indian women during an airline flight when I was a little kid. I thought they were the coolest thing EVAR. But you do have to have the right kind of feet to pull it off.

Well, thank you, says the Indian woman. :smiley:

Anyway, I wear sandals 10 months out of the year, and I do think I have nice feet. I paint my toenails, usually in bright red, and wear one silver toering on each foot.

When I’m not at work, and wearing a skirt or something, I often do wear anklets. And I loooooove foot mendhi but hate waiting around for it to dry.

I like foot adornments, but I also like my feet, so that might have something to do with it. They can call attention to flaws, so if someone doesn’t have really nice feet they don’t look all that good.

I like the thongs better than toe rings, though. Those just look really uncomfortable. Foot thongs look neat when you don’t have to be wearing shoes but want something fun on your feet.

I own all this stuff including the waistlet…except for the foot thong, thing. My parents bring it back for me from India. I can’t wear it on a day to day basis b/c it would look unprofessional and I had to take the toe ring off last year at my firm b/c it would snag my pantyhose…same deal with my anklets so I haven’t worn them in over a year.

I don’t know, jewellry is very cultural for me…I’ve been adorned from head to toe since I was a little baby and I get another expensive gold jewellry set everytime I pass some important life events so it doesn’t seem that silly. My parents actually yell at me if they don’t see me wearing jewellry. Most of the time I’m entirely unconscious of it-I used to have friends in school ask me if I thought to put on a bracelet, rings, earrings, and toerings on every morning. Not really, I actually sleep with all this stuff on.

It doesn’t seem silly to me either, but then I was raised in the same culture anu-lala was. I don’t wear as much anymore, but I also used to sleep with glass bracelets on, anklets, etc. And never broke one. Now I’ve way toned it down (old age creeping on me! :)) but I still wear a pair of gold hoops & my nose piercing, both of which are extremely desi.

Your index finger is longer than your thumb (and middle finger longer than the index), so why is that considered “ugly” on a foot? :dubious:

It just don’t look right. I guess I have what would be termed an anti-fetish for feet.