Foot fetish?

I’d like to hear from any foot fetishists here: what’s up with that? How and why did you become sexually aroused by feet and/or shoes? Is it true that some foot fetishists become shoe salesmen? Are there females with foot fetishes?

Female, 25 years old checking in.

I love feet. Oh my goodness, I do.

Why? Hmm. Maybe it is that they are soft and wiggly. I love the way they feel, and I love how they react when you touch them.

I have no idea how this fetish started. I just love feet, dammit.

I like them because they are the last frontier, the one thing still off limits in mainstream pornography, the one part of a woman’s body that is on regular public display yet still, somehow, unmentionable. Why do you think Muslim women who must wear the hijab are still allowed sandals?

Also, there was this girl in the third grade who used to go barefoot at recess, and I didn’t quite know why, but there was something I liked about her feet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry can’t really answer any of your questions, just think they are very sexy.

Feet don’t turn me on. But here’s a theory I heard long ago:

Very young children drag themselves along the floor, which inadvertantly stimulates some of them sexually by genital/floor contact. At the time, feet and shoes are at eye-level and the stimuli are paired, the brain making an erroneous conclusion that feet/shoes=sexual stimulation.

Well, being attracted to feet technically isn’t a “fetish,” as most people who describe themselves as such aren’t exclusively turned on by feet. It’s no more a fetish than it is to be turned on by legs, etc.

@lobotomyboy63 – I’ve heard that theory before, and while I can’t prove it’s not true, I can say in my case I didn’t realize I found them to be attractive until my highschool years, so I would think I would have realized this sooner had that been the case.

What was the deal with foot binding in China?

Bound feet were considered intensely erotic. Qing Dynasty sex manuals listed 48 different ways of playing with women’s bound feet.

I don’t think t he wikipedia article says so, but IIRC the bound feet formed an orifice that men wanted to have sex with.

^ Now that’s just gross.

I find a woman in sexy high heels wearing arousing, but I have no more idea why than I know why I love women in the first place. But it is more a kink than a fetish. I wish people would stop misusing that word.

I have heard it speculated that it is a case of “faulty wiring.” In the map of the brain, the part for feet is right next to the part for genitalia…

What is a kink vs a fetish? I don’t know if the word is being misused. My guess is that there is a continuum between those who have benign feelings toward feet, those who find them attractive because they are part of a person who they find attractive, those who are sexually aroused by feet along with other things, and those who can’t be aroused by anything else. I’m asking about the last two. I never understood; what is it about feet?

I spent a couple of years doing foot massage on patients at a dentist’s office while they were getting their teeth done. The variety of experiences that people receive through their feet is spectacular. Many people respond sexually to having their feet touched. It doesn’t seem surprising that some people have the corresponding inclinations.

I think foot fetishes involve sexual gratification in this context. Do you “get off” on feet?

We had a poster around here a while back (and maybe still here) who did. He had specific standards which I’m positive my less-than-adorable feet would never meet.

Using the modern psychological theory, it’s only a fetish if it’s for a typically non-sexual thing (like feet) and if it causes problems in some fashion - only attracted to that and cannot sexually function otherwise, gets you in trouble pursuing it, etc.

This is the correct answer.

On each hemisphere of the brain, at the temporal lobe, the brain has a map of the opposite side of the body (left side of brain, right side of body; right side of brain, left side of body). It keeps track of physical sensation like touch, pressure, heat, and proprioception (where each body part is, in relation to the rest).

The map, IIRC, is written upside down, so the head is at the bottom of the temporal lobe. Head, neck, shoulders, chest and arms, hips - but then it skips the genital region - thighs, knees, calves, feet, and now the genitals.

Because the regions tracking feet and genitals are juxtaposed, stimulus to one can cause a perceived stimulus to the other. This can be reinforced, or it can be ignored and will dwindle away. For instance, when I first learned to masturbate to orgasm, I knew I was getting close when the soles of my feet started burning.

Also interesting, the ancient Hebrews used foot or feet as a metaphor for genitals. So when Ruth tells Naomi to uncover (stay with me here) Naomi’s dead husband’s kinsman’s feet while he sleeps and then hang out for him to wake up and see what his reaction is . . . well, let’s just say Naomi got to know the man.

“Faulty wiring” is certainly NOT the correct answer. That’s the same perspective that claims being gay is a flaw.

There are billions of “wirings” that work just fine for survival of the species purposes. phouka’s explanation offers some insight into why more people eroticize feet than elbows, but in no way identifies anything faulty happening. It’s just what happens.

I’m not foot fetishist, but… walks up to sunacres and plants a big wet kiss on the cheek Thanks for that.

Being gay is un-faulty because gays have political, social, and academic clout. The power exchange community may have this one of these days, but they are at least intellectually fashionable in certain circles (Camille Paglia anyone?).

Foot fetishists have neither clout nor fashion on their side, and are thus, presumably, faulty. People may write PhD dissertations on foot fetishism, but they’re never going to end up between hard covers and being discussed on

Maybe Joan Walsh just needs a really long sensual foot massage. :smiley:

Society may not “get it” but I’m pretty sure the medical/science community doesn’t categorize foot (or any) fetishists as “faulty.” They’re different, that’s for sure…but I’d need a cite from the AMA or similar reputable authority that considers them broken or malfunctioning. If that were the case, what would stop them from calling the fans of oral sex “malfunctioning.” It sure as hell isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea, but that doesn’t mean anyone is improperly wired.

I like nice looking feet.

The male foot is proof that there is no god, and if I were in a position of power, it would be illegal for men to wear sandals except for at the beach or the pool.

Now, really cute feet on a girl are a bonus. However, I’ve seen some girls who physically would rate as an 8 or a 9, and yet when they bring out the sandals they have these hideous, beastly feet, and it’s a complete turnoff.