Feet, or: what? I'm a freak?!

I like women’s feet. I like all kinds of different body parts, but I also think feet are pretty sexy. Especially with painted nails.

As far as I can tell this isn’t particularly uncommon - but apparently, liking feet is commonly regarded as weird or something. I’m not really bothered by that, but I am curious: what’s wrong with feet?

ps: “foot jobs” turn me off.

The way I see it…

Feet are a relatively small and innocuous part of the body, and if a female keeps her feet hot, than she cares about the rest of it. (Plus you can usually see a girls feet before her boobs etc.)

So instead of being a leg man, you’re a foot man. I don’t think it’s weird, unless it’s gotten to the point of fetish.

As a foot man myself, I can testify that it’s a taste that is somewhat unstylish right now. It implies a certain cravenness, which doesn’t go well with the way men are construed as heterosexual beings today. It’s also somewhat unsanitary and slightly transgressive, but not enough to be considered exciting or daring.

I don’t think of it as “wrong” but I think it’s a little weird just as I would someone hot 'n bothered about elbows or shoulderblades. Nothing “wrong” with it, but it’s nothing I can wrap my mind around and get behind. They’re feet. We’ve all got 'em and they don’t hold up well (in my opinion) to concentrated viewing.

I’m not posting to crap on your happy interests. You seemed to be soliciting opinions from non-foot admirers.

Well, we’ve all got lips and hair and legs and badonkadonks, and no one is particularly troubled by people getting excited by those parts of a person of the desired sex.

One other neat thing about feet (women’s anyway) is that they’re the most public of erogenous zones, and often given care that makes them quite presentable for just this reason.

Do you foot guys really like shoes, too, or is that a separate thing?

I have small feet but they’re like little bricks. I have a guy on my LiveJournal that has a foot fetish and when I showed him my feet, he said “no thanks” which made me laugh and laugh.

Not all feet are cute!

Feet are hard and knobby. It’d be like preferring the bark of a tree to its flowers.

There’s nothing innately wrong about it, it just seems a trifle peculiar.

Depends. They can be very erotic or they can be very prudish.

So what do you do with the feet, if footjobs turn you off? Just look at them?

You can stroke or rub or kiss someone’s feet (if they are clean).

I like feet as well, but since I primarily date men, that can be iffy, as most men have ugly feet that are not well-cared for.

It’s harmless, but it’s still weird. Its also TMI.

I like ankles. Even I think that’s weird.

Like… bricks? As in reddish and good for breaking windows? Or cuboid?

I hate shoes. I think I have attractive feet, and I swear with how often I draw characters barefoot (or characters that never wear shoes at all) somebody is going to think I have a foot fetish. I don’t, I just like feet. They’re interesting looking, like hands, and it’s fun to walk barefoot.

It is unusual, but I don’t think there is anything freakish about liking feet unless that is the only thing about women that you are physically attracted to. I think it only gets freakish if it makes you do something antisocial like attack women in the park and steal their shoes.

While I am not in to feet, I have been more attracted to a woman because of her feet. I have been attracted to a woman solely because of her feet (no pun intended). And I have been less attracted because of them, although that is not a dealbreaker.

Its not that unusual, I guess. I’m not particularly into feet but I guess a woman with some kinds of high-heel shoes is sexy. I think this is because I’ve had women complain how uncomfortable ‘sexy’ shoes are- if they are willing to suffer in them then there is a good reason :cool:

I made a post a while back pondering the connection between male foot fetishists and women’s own personal obsession with feet. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that some men are obsessed with women’s feet since women often obsess about their ownfeet. This, and the fact that I have never heard of a female foot fetishist.

Some cultures regard feet as unclean because they walk on the ground through any dirt or nastiness that happens to be there (if you consider how cities used to lack sewers and the way trash and animal waste used to just be thrown out anywhere this makes some sense). Some people don’t take care of their feet so they’re dirty, calloused, nails dirty, nails broken, etc. Some people just don’t like feet.

But hey, if you like feet you like feet, nothing wrong with that it’s just your preference.