Ask the guy with a Foot Fetish

May seem a bit esoteric, but when I say I have a FF people seem to ask me lots of odd questions.

Maybe no one cares.

Just an idea on a boring Sunday morning.

Cheers, MG ;j

Do you prefer large feet or small feet?

What characteristics do you find particularly appealing?

Do you like polished toenails?

Do you like women’s feet, men’s feet, or just feet in general?

Do you find it necessary to acheive arousal, or is it just icing on the cake, so to speak?

Good Gods Why!?!


I mean to each their own, and don’t take this as anything but morbid curiousity since I am just the opposite of you and cannot stand feet.
Heck, I am known around here for being a well rounded person when it comes to strange things of a sexual nature but feet are one thing that just make me shudder.
I understand about all the places on the feet that go along with all the different nerves but just cannot bring myself to touch others feet or have other touch my feet.
I do take wonderful care of mine and keep a fresh coat of polish on them and wear toe rings, and unless it’s the dead of winter it’s sandles or nothing for me. But I just cannot figure out how someone can find them a turn on.
Will you (in all seriousness) enlighten me?
I would offer to send out pictures of each little piggy for you to judge the beauty of my footsies, but you would probably get them about the same time as Mistress Dryad gets my tatt pictures.:smiley:

Originally posted by XJETGIRLX
Do you prefer large feet or small feet?

Small, but a recent ex had biggish feet which were very hot. depends on the person.

What characteristics do you find particularly appealing?
oes. i LOVE to suck someone’s toes. if you have ever had this done i need not explain how nice it is. hmmm…just a nice foot i guess. obviously taken care of noticed by the owner. smooth soles, toe rings are sexy, ankle bracelets.
Do you like polished toenails?

I prefer them. A woman has to have superhot feet to get away with no polish.

Do you like women’s feet, men’s feet, or just feet in general?

ewwwww. women’s all the way. men’s are feet are nasty, although I have been told I have nice feet for a man. ironically I hate having my feet touched, way too ticklish.

Do you find it necessary to acheive arousal, or is it just icing on the cake, so to speak?

icing. foot worship is just an act of foreplay for me. to me its no diff then a boob-man spending a little more time there. i also love boobs but i like feet too.

i think in total i just find feet underappreciated. i’ve had many women be all grossed out or look at me funny but then i suck their toes and im pulling the bedsheets out of their ass.

I gotta admit I find foot fetishes odd. I like foot rubs, I like giving foot rubs, and I do think it’s nice to have my toes sucked… but I don’t grasp the feet-as-a-turn-on thing any more than, say, elbows as a turn on. I polish my toenails about once every couple of years (about as often as I polish my fingernails)… does that make me sexy?

I never wear shoes unless I absolutely have to, so I have really tough soles. I have a picture somewhere of me using a Dremel with a sanding drum to wear down some of my calluses. My feet are more… utility.

So I assume my feet would probably be pretty unattractive to you… how important is that? Are non-sexy feet a deal-breaker for you in a relationship?

I got to agree with Opal, here. Sure, I sometime kiss the feet in forplay, but I also kiss most other parts of the body.

My question: Have you always had a foot fetish, or is it something that developed as you starting becoing sexually active?

Almost all year, I will wear sandals. I always keep my feet moisturized and the polish looking nice. At work, I had a neighbour who also likes feet, and made it quite apparent by him coming in and chatting, all the while stealing glances at my feet. I had to start wearing socks so he’d stop. It creeped me out.

I’ve never gotten the hang of nail polish. I mean, I’ll get all ambitious and polish my nails (hands or feet) and then a few years later, I’ll do it again. It seems like such a pointless thing to maintain… yet it seems like everyone but me does it.

Total hijack, but thought I’d share anyway:
I have no skill at applying toe polish either, but I’ve found that if I use the quick drying polish at night before bedtime, all the excess polish I’ve slopped over onto the toe cuticles (or whatever you call them) scrubs right off in the shower the next morning, leaving me with perfectly painted toes.

No questions for the OP, I was married to a guy with a FF, and I think I know more about it now than I ever wanted to. I am glad to hear that toe sucking isn’t necessary for sexual gratification for ALL of you FF guys, though. The foot rubs were awesome, and toe sucking/instep nibbling as foreplay was great, too, but waking me up by dry-humping my butt while chewing on my feet in the middle of the night was tiresome.

Sorry for the hijack.

Originally posted by OpalCat

Are non-sexy feet a deal-breaker for you in a relationship?

no, not at all, but i find that most women don’t mind if i ask them to paint their toes or take care of their feet (if they don’t to begin with). If they don’t want to, fine. but since i consider it a rather small request it may set off some warning bells of the well-then-she-better-not-ask-me-to-change-anything variety.

Originally posted by samarm
My question: Have you always had a foot fetish, or is it something that developed as you starting becoing sexually active?

hmmm…i guess it only become noticeable when puberty kicks in because its tied in with sexual feelings. I dont remember having any overt like Freudian experiences as a child regarding feet so I’m not sure. I’ve always liked feet as long as I’ve liked women so…

I didn’t even start incorporating it into sexual activity at first becaus I was shy and embarrassed by it After being on the net for years I realize feet are rather harmless apropos of other tastes I’ve seen.

this is one thing i am interested in. i also do that too sometimes, just stare at someone’s feet. its not in perverted im-gonna-go-home-and-yank kinda way more of a conossieur kinda way. i can see people being freaked by this but as for me, believe me, im just admiring.

i am actually surprised by the amount of women who have very nice feet in my city. summer is hot here and its sandal-city big time. luckily im a quiet kinda introverted guy who spends most of his time looking down anyway.

im sure your neighbour was harmless.

can i ask, would you have felt less creeped out if he was staring at your boobs or ass? Offended yes, but would you have just shaken your head and said “typical male pig” instead of being creeped out?

Oh that’s not it. I can apply it just fine. I just never “got it”. Like as a concept.

I can understand that… but if I were to take the calluses off my feet, then my feet would be tender and I’d have to start all over building up the calluses again. I HATE wearing shoes and pretty much only wear them to go to the store or something. I don’t wear them outside, or in the house, etc, and hot pavement, sharp rocks, etc can be painful if your feet aren’t tough. While it may be a small request for some people, for me it would be akin to asking someone who cooks to stop using potholders or something.