Foot pain. Looking for medical advice, I guess.

I’m overweight. There. I said it. The first thing I need to do is lose weight but I don’t think that’s all of the story.

When I walk, I supinate, I think. The pain is in both feet along the outside edges. Is there something I can do about it? Special shoes? Knee braces that force my knees in? (I’m already somewhat knock-kneed, so I don’t think that would help) Walk on my heels?

Any advice would be appreciated.

More info. How did it start? How long ago? Exactly how much do you walk on your feet? Anything else you can add?

Started within the past year (I’m 55). Prior to that I had had issues with plantar fasciitis but his doesn’t feel like that. They hurt when I wake up (like the plantar did) and hurt most of the day. The pain isn’t debilitating or anything, just enough to make me walk more gently. I sit at a desk most of the day. 3k steps per day is about average.

I feel the same pain when I go snow skiing and makes turns when going fast (for me.)

I had a pretty bad pain that ran in a line along the outside of my foot. I had it in a job that required a lot of standing and walking. When I got a desk job it went away after a few weeks.

But that was pretty painful for a while.

Maybe get a better pair of insoles. I’m not sure which ones though.

Stout-er shoes maybe. Have you told the doctor? He may be able to advise you as to shoes and maybe some rehab to help you walk smarter.