Foot Stompin' Rodent Repellent?

Soon after my cat died a couple of mice decided it was safe to make their home in my home. Actually, I wouldn’t mind just a couple, but mice always get greedy. So I decided to take action. I really don’t like killing the little rascals, and my Great White Hunter was no longer around, so I pondered non-lethal solutions. I remember, when I was little, seeing my Grampa stomping his feet on the floor and kicking baseboards. He told us kids that mice hated this kind of ruckus, and would move out if he persisted. You can remember wierd shit from your childhood when you start getting older. None the less, I decided to give it a try. Guess what? No more evidence of mice. It’s been two years or so.
About a month or so ago I was sitting on my bed, quietly watching tv, and I noticed a small movement. Dang mouse sneaking up on me, it was. After my Frito crumbs I suspect. It was maybe two feet away from my, ah, feet. So I jumped up and stomped my feet and watched the poor little sucker try to turn himself inside-out escaping me. I followed him to a dresser, then into the closet, kicking and stomping all the way. For the next few days any time I thought of it I’d stomp my feet and kick the baseboards etc. I have yet to see any evidence of mouse habitation. No poops, no chews on food boxes, no mouses, nada.
Any thoughts? Do I have the basis for a money-making scheme here?

I hope you don’t live in an apartment! I’ve never heard of this solution before, but if it seems to be working, go for it. I don’t think you’d be able to make money off of it, but who knows!

We had a slight mouse problem at work…one mouse, who started in the bathroom but then decided to live in the fax machine. One of our customers (who works on cleaning up nuclear waste, among other projects) told us to lay out fabric softener sheets on all the shelves in the back room, and in all the drawers around the store. My boss bought one box of softener sheets and tucked them everywhere, and we never saw the mousey again. And the store smelled springtime fresh!

No, I live in a house. But my neighbors are close, and I know for sure they’re used to wierdness coming their way. They probably do wonder, though, why their mouse population suddenly went up. :wink:
I plan to build robot stompers, and lease them out.
I am serious, though. about the mice going away. I think I’ll poke around the 'net and see if anyone else has heard of such a thing. It ain’t that far fetched, if you think about it. Mice are pretty timid. I should scatter some PB around then see if it works again.

I found something :cool:

Ok, so it’s a stretch, but…
I’ll keep looking. Anybody wanna sign up for a nationwide experiment? Foot size not a factor, but you gotta have a resident mouse or two. As mentioned above by kittenblue living in an apartment may pose a problem, but if you have mice your neighbors likely have them too. See if you can recruit them. The neighbors, not the mice.
C’mon! Together we could change the world.
I Seek Opinions, humble or not.
Peace, 'cept for mices.

You guys are no fun.
But that’s alright, I’ll do it all myself. Just don’t come cryin’ to me when, in a couple years, you read about ManGeorge Non-Lethal Rodent Control Corp buying out ol’ Bill Gates, and sending him packing. I’ll own Seattle, and you guys’ll have to go Mac, or come to me.
Aha, haha, haha, ha ha.

So…would you be training people to stomp and kick, or sending professional stompers/kickers to them?

Too late now, buddy.
It’s a trade secret.

Sorry, we were all busy at the copyrights office. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would volunteer, but I am mouseless.

I still have to say I prefer my line of autonomous pest control units - simply bring them into your dwelling, keep them properly maintained, and their simple presence and pre-installed routines are enough to keep most pests out of the house and away from your gardens, too. (Note: You have to go for the indoor/outdoor units for the garden protection.)

Not only that, but my autonomous pest control units are all-natural, 100% biodegradable, have mental health benefits for the owners, reduce stress and blood pressure levels in the owners, and the larger indoor/outdoor models even act as effective theft and break-in deterrents as well.

Of course some of them are noted for their loud operating noises, but you can’t have everything. Certainly I’m not going to worry too much about noise when my main competition will be from the ManGeorge Non Lethal Rodent Control Corp.

Hurry, and act now to get in on the ground floor of Loki’s Amazing Autonomous Pest Control Corp! Shares only $2.50 each! Initial offering of only 100,000.

Everybody ignore OtakuLoki’s so-called autonomous pest control unit. There are several inherent defects not mentioned.
Now my AutoStomp (catchy, huh?) won’t pee on your walls, or wail at other units of it’s kind, and you can toss it into the closet once it’s done it’s job. And there it’ll wait until needed again. Try that with one of OtakuLoki’s units. :dubious:
Besides, if you really want companionship too, I’ll simply offer a model with a built-in slow, rhythmic, and breathy vibration.
Done and done.

mangeorge, I challenge you to prove that my autonomous pest control units are NOT autonomous. They need no operator supervision to carry out their primary function.

The Auto-Stomp must be turned on and off when you want to have it working. So, for Auto-Stomp, you have to either remember to bring it out of the closet once a month and turn it on in each room in your house (or at least on the ground floor), then put it away in the closet, and keep remembering it every time. Using it only as the homeowner or lessor notices a pest problem leaves the resident with a period where there is an increased risk of parasitic infection from pests and their own pests. And do you really want to have to go to the closet for your low level buzz? Sounds rather… uncouth. :eek:

Compare this to the ease of my autonomous pest control units - their simple routine presence provides all the benefits my company boasts. No need for the operator to key anything, or bring it out of the closet, or even try to remember where granpa hid it after the last time it was used.

As for the urine you object to - it is simply a means for the autonomous pest control unit to leave a silent chemical trace to help prevent re-infestation. Something else that Auto-Stomp cannot do.

Which one is it that leaves the headless buggers on your pillow again? :dubious:

j/k I have two models; PITA and PITA’S PITA :wink:

Did I mention my fully programmable AutoStomp? Permanently installed, and with strategically located wireless motion detectors? With a program that remembers successful schemes from past infestations, and adapts accordingly? Huh? How about that, huh?
Those marvelous units of your’s must be maintained whether there are mice around or not, and even for many years after there’s no longer a threat of re-infestation and the units are too old and worn to do anything even if there were such a threat.
I’ll have my AutoStomps built in Sweden, so they’ll never wear out.
Remember, territory marking fluid is very easy to synthesize. Ask Estee Lauder. And I think the pleasant vibration device could be interfaced with dad’s favorite chair. :cool:

It’s OtakuLoki’s unit, of course. Trying to weasel it;s way into your affections so you won’t replace it with an AutoStomp.
Be strong.

Egads! Permanently installed, fully programmable, made in Sweden, wireless motion detectors, adaptive machine logic? :eek:

Just who will be your target market? Kenneth Lay? Martha Stewart? Imelda Marcos? :confused:

For a much more modest level of investment than your AutoStomp (sorry about hyphenating earlier - it was not intentional to damage your product’s good name.) one could invest in the Von Neumann version of two of my standard autonomous pest control units. These little beauties will keep reproducing themselves, unless the homeowner takes action to prevent it - just like rabbits. By using the replacement units provided via this process the owner of a Loki’s Autonomous Pest Control Unit will never need worry about having to rely on an senesencing model. (Though, for the record, it should be noted that the chemical cues the autonomous pest control unit puts down during its active life will usually provide deterrent against re-infestation through the end of life phase of the Unit.)

For a slight additional fee, we’ll be glad to include all the documentation for new owners of one of Loki’s Amazaing Autonomous Pest Control Units to be able to sell off spare units as they become available through our Von Neumann process. (Sorry we can’t go into details of how we’ve managed to make such a breakthrough - it’s a vital secret of our business.)

As for the costs of manufacturing territory scents - let’s recall that even using industrial methods Estee Lauder is still going to cost the consumer as much as $50 an ounce, or more! And my autonomous pest control units synthesize their own at no additional costs to the owner!

Well, yes. Only poor people have rodents. :wink:
No, I’ll still have the simpler, maybe govt. subsidised AutoStomps for the others. Otherwise their mice could wander into the homes of Martha, et al.
You know, it’s like vaccinating poor kids.