Football (Soccer) Highlights - Why No Game Clock?

Not sure if this should be in the game room, but I’m hoping there’s a factual answer.

On live football games (I’m in the UK), the top left corner of the screen invariably shows the team names, the score, and the game time. On highlight shows, the score is there but the game clock is missing. This is the case for world cup highlights on the BBC and on ITV, and on Match of the Day on the BBC for regular season Premiership games.

Why is this? Seems to me if anything it would be more useful for highlight shows than for live games.

Completely agree. They do the same thing in the States when showing condensed Champions League and other league games or just highlight shows. Just plain dumb.

ETA: I quickly google the box score so I already know the times that the goals were.

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This is just a guess, but it’s probably an interaction between tradition and technical issues. High light shows use a recording without all the graphics bit a modern game broadcast/stream includes, so they can add whatever graphics they want. Adding the game clock wouldn’t be very complicated, but it would require a dynamic system, whereas adding the score can just be done manually. And from there it becomes “We’re not going to add the game clock, because we don’t customarily show the game clock.”

It appears to be dependent upon who you watch. For example, ESPNFC in their highlights tend to show the clock and score. NBCSN, on the other hand, doesn’t.