Sports Rant: I cannot believe I no longer have this option on Sunday Nights after football

I was waiting all day to see highlights of all the other games around the league and now I am shocked that I no longer get that opportunity as a sports fan. I turn to SportsCenter on ESPN and they show nothing but quicklights. Chris Berman is no longer on the Blitz so I couldn’t watch that. Then I said let me turn to NFL Gameday Final on the NFL Network and I see Deion Sanders and the two other guys lounging on a sofa acting silly. And the Highlights for each game are like 10 mins apart. In between the highlights they are cracking jokes and interviewing players on the phone.

So this is what the end of NFL sunday has come to? Between the Cowboys losing and not seeing any highlights my head is about to explode.

#First World problems.

IIRC, NFL Primetime (ESPNs old football-centric highlights show) cannot be played anymore because of a thing with the NFL, contracts, the NFL network and a whole host of weird legal crap.

I think you’re selling Gameday a bit too short. Their highlights are better-than-average. Although, yes, you do have you live through the silliness.

Where can I find out more about why highlights can’t be played anymore?

And GameDay Final is too unprofessional for me

My wife and I were complaining about the exact same thing while bouncing back and forth between ESPN and the NFL network last night. Very much a first-world problem, but still frustrating.

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This article is old, but it explains it pretty good.

Basically, once NBC bought the rights to Sunday Night Football, their pre-game show superceded the fact that ESPN had a post-game show.

How the NFL Network isn’t affected I’ll never know…

This is mild threadshitting… just don’t reply to a topic at all if you have no interest in it.

I still miss the highlight videos that had the local radio announcers mixed in. Now the primary highlight videos are from Gameday Final. Blah.

This is a general complaint of mine on the state of sports news shows these days. It used to be that Sportscenter was an hour show that would show results of every major pro sport game that was played that day (or the day before for morning shows). Now Sportscenter is a 2 hour show that only shows a handful of the games that were played that day. The rest of the show is covering general silliness to such an extent as to be ridiculous. They probably spent a quarter of the show on Tom Brady’s suspension, taking 15 different angles (how is this affecting Giselle?).

So myself and many others end up going to the internet to find a synopsis of games that we are interested in. Then the network wonders why viewership numbers are down.

Oh and that NBC pregame show absolutely sucked the few times that I tried to watch it. Tony Dungy and Peter King droning on about crap. Well King just mostly name dropping and telling us information that is already known.


I also miss the highlights that used to appear on-demand when I had Comcast cable back in the day.

They were about 10 min long and featured all scoring plays and also big penalties, big runs, cool catches…the whole nine.

I would watch every team just because they were so perfectly edited and gave me a good overview on the league.

NBC does game highlights before their Sunday night game.

Yeah, but then you have to listen to Dan Patrick, Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy analyze the oppozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sorry I must have fallen asleep out of boredom

But their pregame show starts before the 4:25pm games are over.

True, but that show (“Football Night in America”) is so laden with sponsored segments and other dross that I find it to be close to unwatchable.

That was my main problem with Chris Berman. Maybe it’s just my general disdain for him, but any highlight show is much better without him involved.

What’s unprofessional about Berman?

Found the highlight show which airs on NFL Network at 7:30pm and ends at 8:30pm

Extensive highlights of each game.

It’s like NFL Primetime without Chris Berman and Tom Jackson

The nicknames. No one circles the wagons. The frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. That ear-grating way of saying “Daaaa Raiders.” The Three Stooges sound effects.

Not to mention the sexual harassment suit:

That was him making the highlights more fun

Our mileage certainly varies on this. I’d rather pound my nuts flat with a wooden hammer than listen to Chris Berman.