Anyone else stop watching NFL Pregame shows on Sunday Morning?

I wake up just in enough time to watch the game at the 1pm kickoff. Just too many guys on the set now on all the pregame shows and most of the analysts are former players who usually pick the team they used to play for. And I never understood why the ESPN Pregame show is 3 hours long:smack:

I miss the old days with Brent and Irv Cross at 12:30pm, all they needed was 30 mins in those days.

Am I the only one?

I haven’t watched them in years. Ever since I got a DVR, really. Now I just record the Jets and Giants games and wait until around 5:30pm to watch both back to back commercial-free. I’ll watch a full game in anywhere from 45-90 minutes, depending on how good the game is.

I haven’t really watched them in years, but that’s mostly because I’m trying to get stuff done in the morning so I can watch the games all day. It’s not like the old days, there’s no lack of NFL analysis. Any football fan can get all they can handle simply by listening to ESPN or the NFL Network for an hour or two.

As sports pregame shows go, though, they’re pretty good. I certainly don’t object to their existence.

I don’t watch them anymore either. There’s 24/7 NFL coverage on ESPN and sports talk radio, in addition to all the websites. A far cry from the days of a local newspaper which mainly focuses on the local team.

Yeah, like at least 15 years ago, probably longer than that. Any info I’m really interested is available on-line. There were some good commentators over the years but mostly it’s a lot of clowning around and personal opinion.

And I liked when it was only 3 guys on the set not 6 like it is now. I mean when is it going to stop? I guess at some point it will be 8 guys on the set

Never watched pre-game shows for the morning slots, but I’m a west coaster so I’m usually waking up just in time to adjust fantasy lineups and turn on the game at 10 AM.

The only pre-game show I watch is the Sunday Night Countdown, and only to see the highlights of the other games. I miss NFL Primetime (old Chris Berman version).

Oh, hell yeah.

It was something to look forward to all day as a football fan and still sick they got rid of it

I’ve never watched the pregames, so I haven’t ‘stopped’. I DVR the ESPN Fantasy Football on Sunday mornings, and watch that between the time I get home from the store (0900 ish) and the games start while making breakfast. If I time it perfectly - I get the latest injury updates, make any last minute fantasy changes and have breakfast ready exactly at 1000 to start watching the games.

Do you skip plays? I find when I skip commercials and half-time, I’m still at about 2 hours to watch a game.

I don’t skip plays, but I frequently FFWD between plays. Some Jets games I never even hear the color commentator’s voice. It’s all snap-to-whistle, all the time.

Generally I let my teams on offense play normally, only FFWDing through awkward referee huddles or after “runs up the middle for 2 yards” type plays. Then when the opponent has the ball, it’s snap-to-whistle FFWDing on any play the opponent does well. Sack? Savor the replay. First down? FFWD.

It will stop when razor companies stop adding blades.

As to the OP, I haven’t seen one all year.

I also have not watched an actual football game this season. It started as an experiment, but I am amazed at how little I have missed it.

I may tune in for the playoffs, but I suspect that I will only tune in to the SB. Maybe.

Apparently 1.6 million watched the ESPN NFL Countdown on November 8th which runs from 11 AM to 1 PM Eastern. It was the highest rating for sports on cable that day.

About 5.3 million will watch the pregames on FOX and CBS

I watch them when I’m watching football with my father; he likes them. If I’m watching football by myself, I turn on the TV at kickoff time.

I think the internet has decreased my interest a lot in the pregame shows especially ESPN because they start to discuss depressing topics.

But 15 years ago I didn’t have the internet so I had no choice but to watch them

I like sports. I don’t like pregame shows. I’ve never watched them. Print media are adequate for meeting my modest need to know a little bit about upcoming games.

I thought I missed those guys (along with Phyllis George/Jayne Kennedy and Jimmy the [del]Racist[/del] Greek), until I saw a old rerun of one on YouTube…to say it lacks the depth analysis of today’s pregame shows is quite the understatement.

The Greek’s board was with the checkboxes was cool, though.


Unfortunately, the pendulum seems to have swung too far the other way. Like tarrel pointed out…too many talking heads.

I loved hearing Brent’s…“You are looking Live” lol

After getting used to this for the last few years, I turned off my cable this year in the interests of living mostly TV-free for awhile, so I now only watch maybe one game a week down at the local bar.

My God, do I miss the DVR. The endless referee meetings, the interminable halftimes, the zillion commercials …