As we close in on a new NFL season, I wanted to ask all NFL fans do you feel that

NFL pregame Shows are a thing of the past due to the internet/social media?

I was wondering how many NFL still watch NFL pregame shows in 2016 since we have so many options now before the game starts like the internet and social media.

20 years ago the NFL pregame show was all we had until the game started at 1pm.

As football-starved as I am now, I’ll watch anything that remotely has anything to do with it. But usually, the pregame is chatter I have on while I’m gathering snacks and a jersey and such for the real game.

Exactly, I have it on as background sound until 1pm. It had more intrigued in the late 80’s because it

  1. started at 12:30pm

  2. Only 3 people on the panel
    Today it starts at 10am and there are 7 people on the panel lol

Games start at 10am for us west-coasters, so I’m totally happy to mill around, have some tea, read the paper, etc, until about 11, and then start watching the game and FF through the commercials. Can’t remember the last time I watched a pre-game show.

As far as I’m concerned, the sole purpose of NFL pregame shows is to provide up-to-the-minute info on fantasy-relevant injuries.

I forgot about you westcoast fans. That must suck because you have to be by 9am on on a non work day to watch the games.

I love the preshows because it just gets me pumped for the upcoming game!

I especially love how NFL Network’s starts so early because I can wake up and get pregame from the moment I wake up til NFL Network’s Gameday Live puts me to sleep.

It’s only as good as the content. Some weeks there are interesting stories to report in the world of professional football and I like the coverage. But other weeks, there’s nothing in particular going on and they’ve still got to fill up the same amount of time.

30 years ago we didn’t get to hear about all the news around the NFL because not many people had cable and the internet didn’t exist yet. So fast forward 30 later and since we have cable and the internet, whatever they are talking about on the pregame shows we already heard all week long.

I generally ignore them, but they’re always on at the gym on Sunday morning. In the 80’s and early 90’s there wasn’t 24/7 coverage of every NFL story, so the shows were interesting enough since they covered more than just the local team. Nowadays, they seemed geared towards fantasy and I don’t need their speculation, just tell me who’s playing

It’s a burden, but we persevere.

I prefer having games end by around 9:30 pm instead of sometime the next day. :smiley: