For a history and sports fan - what SD book is the best?

I think my father would really like a SD book for fathers day but I don’t know which one to get him. Considering that his favorite things are history and sports (and politics, now that I think about it) what book would be best?

What is an SD book? Is it something for this ebook reader?

Since your father likes history and sports, how about The Game by Ken Dryden?

I believe he means “Straight Dope” book.

:smack: That would make a certain amount of sense, wouldn’t it?

I got thrown off by the “sports” part of the question! I actually haven’t read any of the Straight Dope books, so I can’t offer any recommendations on them.

Yeah, I probably should have written that out. I saw the abbreviation on here recently and, me being a newbie, thought it was normal. Anyways, anyone who does have suggestions let me know. I’ve got a Father’s Day and an upcoming Birthday to shop for!

There aren’t any sports-themed Straight Dope books. Or anything-themed. They are all on “miscellaneous topics” because they are collections of the weekly columns.

Are there any that have any particularly good history or sports articles in them? Not that everything that Cecil writes isn’t good but what would most interest my father?

Don’t feel bad - it’s a perfectly reasonable abbreviation to use. I’m just unobservant and clueless that way! :slight_smile:

Hey! Buy them all. What are you, some kinda cheapskate? How much is your father worth?

If he doesn’t read them, then it’s his loss.

Well, since I see a lot of people jumping to answering this question, I thought I’d jump in with:
The Unwritten Rules of Baseball: The Etiquette, Conventional Wisdom, and Axiomatic Codes of Our National Pastime