For all of you who wondered where those baby carrots came from . .

The mystery is now solved.


In other words, you SHOULDN’T swallow???

Oh, and for all of those who are disappointed that the teaser title wasn’t really answered, baby carrots are simply big carrots whittled down.


One thing most people don’t know about carrots and other root veggies is that they are biennial, living two summers. But you can only eat them at the end of the first summer. The root is for keeping the plant alive over the winter and is gone after that.

Sorry, they are young carrots. Think of those baby corn cobs in fancy salads and you see where there’s limits to whittling.

They are circumsized?!!!111!!!

Oy Vey!


Recent thread on “real” baby carrots.

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eBay, Item number:5661735890

Some might, but the dude that first marketed “baby carrots” simply used regular carrots and whittled them down. See twickster’s link.