For all our Canuck friends........

can’t agree with the Onion’s equivalence for Texas/Manitoba; think it should be Texas/Alberta, for three reasons:

Alberta has oil; Manitoba doesn’t;

Alberta has had governments of the conservative stripe since the early 30’s; Manitoba alternates between socialist and conservative (using those terms loosely);

Alberta has no sales tax, and is cutting income tax; Manitoba has both.

Here in Alberta they have a commercial for Air Canada I think it is. (I dunno some airplane company at least. I never pay attention to that part of the commercial) They draw Houston/Calgary parallels. Which I think is hilarious (specially since Calgary is considered to be ‘Cow-town’ to most Edmontonians and thusly considered western… we also play up this image every year with the Stampede grins)

In the commercial it has stuff like.

Houston has the rodeo. Calgary has the Stampede.
People in Houston wear huge belt buckles and people in Calgary are apt to agree theres nothing like a hunk of metal to hold your pants up. (Or is it Calgary then Houston? Oh well I’m doing this from memory)

Its quite interesting.


i haven’t seen the commercial, but i think they are talking about dieppe, france.

the beaches there were stormed by canadian and allied troops in 1942.

Another way to tell if you’re Canadian…

You think all Americans call pop “soda.”

(I’m a midwesterner who’s called it “pop” since the day I was born. I recently moved to Canada. One of my private amusements is listening to my Canadian friends’ tales of How the Americans Do Things, based on extensive field research done while driving down the Interstate from Ontario to Florida.

No doubt the Floridians who host the snow birds like to describe How the Canadians Do Things, and no doubt these tales bring many a secret smile to Canadians from places like Vancouver and Winnipeg…)

Awww…do you have any idea how disappointed I am!?