For Better or For Worse 4/28

“We are not amused.” I.e., we don’t get it. What’s the punchline, joke or whatever? Here is a link.

I see it two ways, neither particularly funny.
The setup: Wife is perusing the tabloids in the supermarket, hubby laughs at the absurd stories, makes her feel silly for reading it and she doesn’t buy it.
In the last couple panels, she finds out that either a) hubby bought the rag for himself, after he shamed her into not buying it, or b) he’s reading the “legitimate” paper and it’s full of the same foolishness as the tabloid she didn’t buy.

I think that the idea is that the guy who came in at the end was laughing at her, but then found himself reading it.

I think.

I didn’t get it either, but the “Wooden Splint Cures E.D.” headline was funny all on its own.

Woman reads tabloid at supermarket - is fascinated by the bizarre headlines, and ashamedly buys it (note embarassed demeanor while the clerk scans it at checkout)

Woman takes it home - husband discovers it, and laughs at her for buying it, while she puts away groceries - still embarassed for purchasing it, and feeling down because her husband laughs at her.

Woman turns to pick it up, notices that it is missing, and finds (to her own personal bemusement) that husband is just as fascinated by the stupidity of it as she was.

No real joke per se, just "an observation on the human condition"TM - (at least I imagine such a silly phrase has got to be trademarked by SOMEONE - at least someone who makes a living out of trying to analyze the humor in comic strips)

On reflection, Lawoot is right.