Please ID this cartoon

I’m trying to track down a single panel cartoon.

It shows a husband in the foreground sitting in a chair with a contraption on his head. Think Doc Brown meeting Marty for the first time in the past. In the background his wife is describing at length a shopping excursion with her friend - I think the friend’s name is Suzy. Her story is a circuitous, tangent riddled account of the event surrounding her friend’s purchase of a hat. The device plays into the husband’s ear “Suzy bought a new hat”. The caption read something like “Wife Translation Device”.

Does this ring a bell?

Sounds kinda like this:

The head contraption, if I recall correctly, was a bit bigger. Definitely a husband and wife. It might have been Larson, but I don’t think so.

Sounds like Kliban, but too tired, drunk to go look it up.

That’s not a Kliban cartoon; it’s not his style.

It could be an old Willy 'n Ethel, tho.

Something familiar about the description. Larsonesque but pretty sure it’s not him. From a newspaper comic strip maybe. But besides the one in post #2 i think there are several others that follow that theme.

Sounds like a Ballard Street comic.

I googled “ballard street wife translation device” and got a hit! I was excited until I realized the hit was for this thread.