Help me remember a cartoon

It might have been drawn in the style of the Katzenjammer Kids. Or not. It might have been a B. Kliban cartoon. (This is the stronger impression in my head.) A Jewish man (dressed in black, wearing a black hat, and I think he has those front-pigtails some Jewish men wear) stumbles, drunk, into his home. His wife has her arms crossed. She looks angry and is holding a rolling pin with which to beat him. The caption may have been ‘Jewish Humour’

Anyone remember it?

I can’t remember why I thought of it. Something on TV or something.

Sure sounds like a Kliban cartoon; I can check them when I get home tonight.

I’m guessing it’s in something called “Whack Your Porcupine”…
I dug up this link:

I haven’t been able to dig up an image yet, but this might help someone else find it.

It is indeed from “Whack Your Porcupine”, which I have here in front of me. Can somebody refresh me on sites where I can upload an image? The last time I did that I mistakenly used a porn-ish service. By mistake. A friend told me about it. Yeah.

Anyway, suggest a site and I’ll scan and send.

In the Yet ANOTHER picture thread thread, recent posts have used dropbox and flickr.
Be careful to make sure what you post is available when not logged into the site, but not pointing at other personal pictures.

For instance, I have a flickr page just for my SDMB account. By clicking on the “share” button, I get this link for one of my pictures.

How about one I don’t need an account for? I’m so tired of creating web site memberships.

Edit: Never mind, I just saw I have a Photobucket account.

OK, here you go.

Answered in four posts.

I love this board.

I thought I posted this, but Apparently I just previewed. So about 20 back-buttons later…
OK, I remember that one from Whack Your Porcupine – and the Torah.

But I think I conflated that one with the one that’s actually in my head, which featured a rolling pin. And I think it was in colour. And the guy may or may not have been drunk. Not enough information.

We’re slipping. :smiley: