Funniest single panel cartoon (part 2)

Rather than bump an 8 year old thread, I thought I’d just start a new one.

I love detail of the flying saucer on the pillow! :grin:

I liked Elaine’s Ziggy-ish New Yorker cartoon on Seinfeld, but with Kramer’s caption:

A pig is talking to the clerk at a COMPLAINTS window and says

“My wife is a slut.”

No matter how many times I see that, I can’t help but laugh! :rofl:

This one always gets a guffaw out of me (from The New Yorker)

This has always been a favorite of mine:


My fave:

Hm, is there any significance to the fact that four of the six entries so far are about dogs?

Oh. My. God. That is hilarious!

All good entries so far. :joy:

The real reason dinosaurs became extinct!!

Still another Far Side:

Yes yes, I miss you too honey. Now put the dog on.

This one is especially hilarious to me because I actually overheard a coworker once tell his wife to put his dog on the phone.

I used to do this, back in the day when I had a dog.

It was funny to hear her reaction, usually a disgruntled snort.

I talked to her once on Skype before she died. The “W-T-F???” look on her face was priceless!.

The disturbing thing about that panel is that I can’t tell if the cowboy is a mere observer or an overseer.

I love the joke, but I swear I remember the deer and antelope working in a factory. But I couldn’t find the cartoon.

It’s entirely possible that two different cartoonists independently hit on the same basic premise.