Another Patterson family tragedy seems to be in the offing.

You know, I love FBOFW because it’s so…I dunno…real. The stories don’t always end happily; sometimes characters we’re fond of die.

That’s also why I hate it.

Yes, I see sorrow ahead. At least, we’ve moved away from Rebecca for a bit.

I do love the strip.

OK, so I just got all teary-eyed over a comic strip. Hit a little too close to home, I guess.

The current storyline is a little to real, I think.

It just strokes me the wrong way, I guess.
I am soooo going to hell for that.

He’ll be okay. I saw him blinking.

I’ll save you a seat by the window.

The October Patterson family letters are already up on–they cast a little more light on Grandpa Jim’s condition.

So Grandma waited for Elly to get there before announcing that Grandpa Jim is possibly dead, rather than getting help? I smell a life insurance scheme. :dubious:

That’s just the smell of old people.

Apparently it had just happened a few minutes before Elly arrived. I know that if that happened to supervenusfreak it might be a few minutes before I figured out that something was really wrong, and then I’d probably end up spending at least another five minutes trying to wake him up before I realized something was really wrong.

God, if my father hadn’t died of his final heart attack before my mom came home from work that day, he would almost certainly have after she did, because she fell completely to pieces when she found him on the floor. She barely managed to call her sister, who called 911. By the time I was informed and had driven home, my mom was almost incoherent and was definitely hysterical. She slept on a living room chair that night, holding desperately onto one of his t-shirts.

I have no problem believing that someone wouldn’t necessarily be right on top of things when a loved one has a major medical issue like that.

who is Rebecca?

Iris didn’t call 911 because she panicked. She may have been trying to wake him when Elly rang the doorbell. IRL, people do not always think of the smart thing to do when faced with an emergency. That only happend on TV. No scam here, just life as Lynn paints it.

:smack: never mind :smiley:

Yikes. The animation’s gone beyond random blinking!

Am I missing something? This is the latest strip I’ve seen. Grandpa Jim seems to be on the mend.

I think you may be missing the fact that the OP is dated September 30.

I only get the comics section on Thursdays and Sundays (dun’t esk), but I am being hugely nauseated by how heart-warming and life-affirming having a debilitating stroke is made to seem . . . If they’re going to be “real,” be real.

Doh! :smack:


Kind of like the movie Regarding Henry starring Harrison Ford It explores how major head trauma caused by a gunshot wound can make you a better person.

What’s the deal with Elizabeth’s court case? I haven’t followed the strip in a long time.

Last year she was assaulted and almost raped by a co-worker.

I really like the Comics Curmudgeon’s take on this storyline …