For Blackadder Fans

Just a heads up for those enlightened Blackadder fans among the Dopers…

I Have A Cunning Plan - 20 Years On.

A fascinating history presented by the producer John Lloyd of Blackadder, featuring interviews with many of the main characters, including Rowan Atkinson, who never does interviews. Broadcast today on Radio 4, and streaming from their website.

Is it recent enough for him to comment on the success of Hugh (I stll can’t believe he’s House) Laurie in the US? :confused:

No, but it’s recent enough not to be able to get an interview out of him (cos he’s a big star and forgotten his roots :)).

It does have Hugh in some of the clips though.

Bumping for UK readers.

And actually I was kind of hoping for some reminiscing of top Blackadder quotes.

I once spent an entire summer quoting the “Jane Herrington” scene. Not on my own, I hasten to add, I wasn’t quite that sad. :slight_smile:

Goes like a privy door when the plague is in town?

“bury me in a Y-shaped coffin”

“thick as a whale omelette”

etc etc