For Collectors of Disney's Wartime Animation

At a recent WDAC convention, Leonard Maltin announced the next round of Disney Treasures DVD sets.

1 : Mickey Mouse in Black & White (vol 1)

2 : The Complete Goofy

3 : Behind the Scenes at the Studios (a collection of the various Disney tv shows including the Reluctant Dragon)

4 : Wartime Disney

The interesting one is #4. According to reports, it’s going to include “Victory Through Air Power” which has never been released on video by Disney. The rumor I hear is that it will also include the never-released-on-video shorts “Der Fuehrer’s Face” and “Education for Death.”

Animation Historian Jerry Beck said that there would be some surprises in Disney Treasures Wave 2. This is probably what he meant.

Can’t wait. Perhaps I should look into picking up the two animation-related ones in Wave 1 available now, too. Very hard to come by vintage Disney 'toons nowadays.

Jerry Beck did say some things on a cartoon message board about the disc. The shorts will be put in their historical context. And yes, Donald will get to say “heil” right in Der Furher’s face.

“Let’s hope the P.C. police doesn’t try to block its release.”-Jerry Beck

A shame that the DC only plays vintage shorts at 4:00 in the morning. Although the other short collections look intriguing, the packaging doesn’t itemize the shorts included (I know I can look on Amazon, etc., but most purchases of this size are usually impulse ones for me).

Good news in general, though.