For fans, or anyone nurturing a grudge....

…Cosmic Relief is now known as ‘HMS Irruncible’, for no particular reason other than now feels like a good time for a whimsicality upgrade, and such changes are permitted under rule IV, subsection pi, etc, etc.

OK, I’ll bite. Besides the apparent obvious, what does HMS stand for in your name?

Board rules prohibit me from expanding the acronym, indeed even from naming the rules involved in the prohibition.

The usual meaning of “HMS” is “His/Her Majesty’s Ship”, for a vessel flying the flag of the United Kingdom.

Yeah, that’s it. I’m just being coy because I’m not that clever.

[Captain Hornblower] Right, that’s it, the night attack on the OP with runcible spoons is called off; he’s irruncible.

[Lt. Bush] But couldn’t we fling mince and slices of quince at him?

Awright, so why isn’t that nonruncible or unruncible? Was this person ever runcible? If so, and isn’t anymore, then it should be exruncible. Methunk them is a-smokin the foliage of the bong tree.

English! Get used to it.

Huh. I was wondering who the fuck you were.

You keep on using that word…

“Hitler Made Sense.” Gotcha.

Do you get an avatar with the new name?

I still don’t know. Am I supposed to care?

This thread is just a courtesy to the one or two people who may have wondered. But thanks for caring enough to drop by and post in it, at any rate.

Why should we care? You’re not even a real person.

You misspelled “threadshit”.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go take my evening post.