For fellow Women: When did PMS start for you?

My niece, who is 12, came over to stay at my boyfriend and I’s apartment for about a month over the summer.

One morning, she came downstairs, looking tired and stressed.

“Aunty Laurie, I’m bloated again. My jeans hurt.”

I looked over at her. Her stomach was swollen, and she couldn’t button her jeans. She was almost on the verge of tears. Later on, I spoke to my sister (Her mom) who told me that she’s been going through PMS for the past year.

AT 12?!

Am I weird for being shocked at this? I didn’t get my first symptoms of PMS until I was 17, and even then, I thought that was early.

Is this weird?

Sorry for the wee one but I never had PMS until my 30s (after having 3 kids). I started my cycle at 12 but I had a lot of extra testosterone so dealt with things like cystic acne and being highly sexual. Perimenopause is bringing all that back, yay. Plus the bloating that I skipped back then is really showing up.

Everyone is different, but according to Web MD, the average age is 12-13.

Are you talking about PMS or her period? Because I’m confused. Why would you be shocked at her having PMS at 12 but not her period? I never knew there was any sort of age connection with PMS. FWIW I started my period when I was 9, which was awesome. I don’t know if I had PMS back then cause it was over thirty years ago. Even now, the only PMS I get is 2-3 days of soul crushing depression that domineers my every thought, which is also awesome lol