For God’s sake, let me explain

When I was growing up, I tolerated All kinds of abuse from people and suffered psychological problems by the age of 18 because of it.

Then when I went off to college as a freshman, I gained 100 pounds off of antidepressant medication that the doctor prescribed me.

Now I’m in my mid-30s, and I still hate the people who abused me and Doctors, because they are all drug dealing unethical quacks.

Because of that weight gain I ended up committing an act (which I will not go into detail about) that got me incarcerated for 3 1/2 years.

Seven years ago, I got mad and threw a traffic cone in a car going 35 miles an hour. It didn’t hurt anyone, it didn’t cause any significant damage to the car, and yet because of it I was given a felony (felonious shoot Or throw missile at moving vehicle) and ultimately got seven years in prison for it. Fuck.

I got out of prison a month ago. Since then I have had great difficulty renewing my drivers license, as you can read about in the general question thread that I started that has now been closed.

My dad died 2 1/2 years ago, when I was incarcerated. He was almost 85 years old, and he was diabetic and overweight, and he lived a long life, and he was not the best person.

He left me an inheritance of $60,000, so I can’t complain.

I am on supervised probation, a situation I experienced 10 years ago when I first got out after those 3 1/2 years of Incarceration that I told you about.

I have a great idea for the next social media site,An idea so good that if I were to talk to Mark Zuckerberg about it, he would probably buy the idea and make it part of Facebook. Not only would I make good money off it, it would also give me the thing that I want, which is to learn about peoples lives in a way that no social media site currently existing comes anywhere close to.

I posted that message but this is the second part. I was worried that I was going to exceed the number of characters allowed in one post.

When I posted about that social media site on here, the thread got removed and an administrator left me a message telling me that you’re not allowed to pitch ideas like that on Straight Dope.

That’s understandable, what if I posted it in the business dealings section (what is it called, marketplace?) Maybe it would not have been deleted or against the rules? I don’t know.

All of us were born too soon To experience some of the amazing things that are coming in the future. Oh well, maybe not, Because it might happen in our lifetimes, Especially if science manages to increase our lifespan far past the normal limit. But I just think about in the future when human beings will be connected in such a way that they can experience each others lives in a manner unimaginable, and experience worlds in simulations that we can imagine.

So I posted all of thisTo explain why I started that one thread in the pit that I haven’t even looked back at yet but that I see has gotten like 85 responses and has now been locked and I’m sorry that I said that and I hope that if you look at the activity that I have participated in other parts of these boards, you will see that I am a functioning member of society and not someone who just goes around saying crazy messed up stuff for no reason.

OK, one more thing.

I’d like to state that I type this up using the audio function on my iPhone, so that explains some of the run-on sentences and some of the improper capitalizations.

Also, my weight fluctuates all the time because of how badly my body was messed up by Gaining those hundred pounds.

Also, I get upset all the time about all the people in human history who have suffered terribly and are dead now.

Of course, there’s always a possibility the time travel will be invented (or already has been invented, Or is being invented in the future :slight_smile: ) And there’s also the possibility of multiple universes, parallel universes, Or even infinite universes, And that’s a good thing and a bad thing.

It’s a good thing, because you can imagine your life going much better in one of those parallel universes; Not just your life, but the life of everyone who’s ever lived. But it’s a bad thing too, Because you can imagine parallel universes where things are much worse or where you are much more like the people you hate than you are in this universe :slight_smile: .

OK, I’ll stop now, but that’s all the things that I’m upset about, and that’s a lot of stuff that Is very diverse, And that’s enough :slight_smile: .

OK, end rant.

So, did you have sex with the tree or the park bench?

This definitely gives some context for that other thread, and I’m glad that I misunderstood the OP of the other one. I hope things go well for you and that you’re able to set up a stable, chill life (or an exciting prison-free life, whichever you prefer).

You may want to ask this to be moved to MPSIMS or somewhere–having it in the Pit is gonna invite abuse.

OK, you say you served time for federal assault from throwing a traffic cone, and the car wasn’t significantly damaged. You must have seriously dinged the driver/passenger to get seven years.

When Is a Crime a Felony Assault or Battery?

Simple assault or battery is the least serious form of assault or battery, usually involves minor injury or a limited threat of violence, and is a misdemeanor. Felony assault or battery (also referred to in some states as aggravated assault or battery) involves circumstances that make the crime more serious, as when the victim is threatened with or experiences significant violence amounting to substantially more than a minor slap across the face or a punch in the jaw.

Examples of felony assault or battery include:

  • striking or threatening to strike a person with a weapon or dangerous object
  • shooting a person with a gun or threatening to kill someone while pointing a gun at the victim
  • assault or battery with the intent to commit another felony crime such as robbery or rape
  • assault or battery resulting in serious physical injury, including permanent disfigurement
  • assault (threat of violence) while concealing one’s identity, and
  • assault or battery against a member of a protected class, such as a police officer, healthcare provider, social services worker, or developmentally disabled or elderly person.

I think you should seek counseling. This board isn’t likely to help you with your issues.

Not necessarily.

I assume other states have laws similar to California’s, and that somewhere a state has a penalty of up to 7 years for this crime, especially when committed by someone with a previous felony conviction.

Was this in Virginia? If so, did you kill or almost kill someone to get a penalty so high?:

§ 18.2-154. Shooting at or throwing missiles, etc., at train, car, vessel, etc.; penalty.

Any person who maliciously shoots at, or maliciously throws any missile at or against, any train or cars on any railroad or other transportation company or any vessel or other watercraft, or any motor vehicle or other vehicles when occupied by one or more persons, whereby the life of any person on such train, car, vessel, or other watercraft, or in such motor vehicle or other vehicle, may be put in peril, is guilty of a Class 4 felony. In the event of the death of any such person, resulting from such malicious shooting or throwing, the person so offending is guilty of murder in the second degree. However, if the homicide is willful, deliberate, and premeditated, he is guilty of murder in the first degree.

If any such act is committed unlawfully, but not maliciously, the person so offending is guilty of a Class 6 felony and, in the event of the death of any such person, resulting from such unlawful act, the person so offending is guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

If any person commits a violation of this section by maliciously or unlawfully shooting, with a firearm, at a conspicuously marked law-enforcement, fire, or emergency medical services vehicle, the sentence imposed shall include a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of one year to be served consecutively with any other sentence.

Here’s Florida’s law.

They cite cases where an orange, a 12 oz soda bottle, and a grapefruit have all counted as deadly missiles; and the penalty can be up to 15 years in prison. It’s Florida, and I keep thinking about Jason Mendoza.

I think the best thing you can do is approach your life now as if you have entered a Quantum alternative universe. Your life begins now. Other than being a learning experience, the past shouldn’t guide what you do from this moment on. The lessons you have learned from life and your goals as a free human being should.

From the content of your post, you seem to have an impulse problem. Most of us have had all kinds of murderous fantasies when trapped in traffic, but they are just fantasies designed to blow off steam. We don’t act on them. Work on that; work on finding a job/career that will give you a good life, and work to make the second half of your life much better than the first.

Oh, by the way, I agree regarding the pill pushing tendencies of American medicine. Pills don’t solve problems, they just treat the symptoms of our problems, and they often create other problems. Get off them if humanly possible!

Thanks for the clarification.

Damn, some of you are so gullible.

Well, this thread sure is something.

AIUI, the phrase “I like pie” is often used:

to politely decline to engage in discussion, with the implication that the original speaker is deliberately trying to upset you and/or posting flamebait.

But I genuinely like pie.

Because we’re taking the OP at face value? Meh. If it turns out to be entirely made up, it’s no skin off my back.

I prefer tau.

Oh, sure. I get the appeal.

Personally, I’ve always found tau to be a tough rho to hoe.

OP seems to be fond of leaving out important details. If he doesn’t want to discuss them he shouldn’t allude to them in the first place.

Also, Internet Detective is not a thing. People who think they can read between the lines of an OP and know what the real “truth” is, usually get it laughably wrong.

So no harm in taking the OP at face value.