For How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

This puts the M - P in MPSIMS.

It’s Saturday morning, I’m incredibly bored so using the second hand on the computer clock I was able to hold my breath for a whopping 1 minute 33 seconds.

Alright, who else is sitting around with absolutely nothing else to do?

Nothing else to do, eh? Okay, let’s see…

:o :slight_smile: :rolleyes: :frowning: :mad: - :eek: … 1 minute 42

Is that a new world record? - I think it just might be. Horay!

I dunno … let’s try…

< klunk >

Add a ground rule of you only get one try before you post your results.

I’m going to try hyperventilating first, and then holding my breath.

<pant pant pant>

Whoah, a bit dizzy…
fifteen seconds…
I want to sing along to the mp3 I’m listening to but I can’t…
I probably shouldn’t move, to conserve oxygen, but typing is so minimal…
thirty seconds…
sheesh, this takes longer than I thought.
one minute. Gotta stick it out. Gotta stick it out.
one fifteen. The back of my throat hurts.

1:28. Could probably have gone further … eh.

I used to be able to go just shy of 4 minutes (while inactive) when I was swimming and training every day. It hurt like hell, and I just don’t think it’s necessary to stretch to those limits. I can still go about 3 if I’m willing to put up with a fair amount of discomfort.

I can go close to three minutes underwater. It is fun to dive into dark, deep water and then don’t come up for a while. It lets you know who your real friends are. It is quite painful but I can pull it off consistently although hyperventilating beforehand is necessary.

Four minutes if I hyperventilate for at least thirty seconds. This means that each year at the apartment pool I piss off the lifeguards by swimming laps underwater.

In my prime, 3:45 (back when my resting pulse was 45), now around 2:40. Yeah, I like to swim laps underwater too.

Note: Hyperventilating can be bad. You can pass out, etc. I don’t recommend to others that they try it, especially if swimming. I won’t do it unless I have someone watching me.

Sheesh. Enough with the reminiscing about your glory days.

Let’s see how long you can go for right now. Also, I agree with Ino’s suggestion of only one try per poster.

O.K., carry on.

First try: 2 minutes, 17 seconds

1 minute 10 seconds. I must be getting old lol

1:30. I know that I used to be able to go over 2 minutes with no problem. I really need to stop smoking.

1 minute 27 seconds. Damn, seconds are so sloooow.

Just now tried and got 2:01. I know that I used to be a lot better, back when I was in shape. I did laps underwater for fun. We had a small (25m) pool at my high school, and I’d go down, back, and down a little ways again. I know that 60m-75m isn’t all that far, but it sure seemed like a long ways!

Although I’ve never tried competetively to hold my breath for long periods of time, I once went 2:00 exactly in 7th grade for the sake of telling people I could…I’m going to try now with 1 minute of breathing exercises…Hold on.

2:00.33…I probably could have gone another 15 seconds, but the prospect of oxygen seemed like a really sweet deal at that moment.

Oh well.

first try: 1:33.

I am way out of practice. 2 minutes used to be ALMOST my breaking point.

Damned athletic body using so much oxygen. Maybe later when I’m not fresh off a pot of soup:)

I just did: 2 min 04 sec. That’s a personal record for me. It was easy this time, I just relaxed, held my breath and sat. No frantic watching of the clock, nothing, just gentle sitting. Made it a lot easier.

Whew…I’m still lightheaded. I think I hurt something. :slight_smile:

First try 2m37s

I must confess though, I practice a lot in class when I’m really bored.

In the swimming pool if you make your body go limp and expend as little energy as possible, it’s far easier. I hit around 5 minutes one time…The full length of Graduation by Vitamin C…When I got out of the water, I couldn’t feel my arms or legs which probably isn’t a good thing.