Poll: How long can you hold your breath?

Pant, pant…

3:00 minutes on the dot! Lemme tell you, those last 15 seconds were a bitch!

Still panting…

How about everyone else?

I used to be able to pull 2:30 but that is when I had sleep apnea and trained for that type of thing all night, every night. I don’t I could go past 1:30 now.

1:05 was a significant struggle. When I was little, I used to practice holding my breath for ages at night; I think I managed to get past two minutes.

It helps a lot if you have good technique; hyperventilate for a bit beforehand to saturate your blood with oxygen a little, then take a deep breath and let a chunk of it escape. This way your muscles struggle less holding in a lot of air.

I tried again and managed 1:20. Not bad, but certainly not all that respectable either.
We find the most pointless ways to amuse ourselves, don’t we?

When I was in my early teens, I managed to hold my breath for 3:05. That included exhalation time, which I still figure was reasonable - my logic was, if I’m underwater I can’t inhale, but I can exhale just fine. I’d hyperventilate for about a minute before I took that last big breath when I was timing myself.

Later in my teens, I could swim 60 meters underwater on occasion, though I generally stopped at 50, since that was 2 lengths of the pool.

A little over a minute when I am underwater, and roughly 90 seconds on land.

This is why we need to do research… Hyperventilation lowers CO[sub]2[/sub] content, so it takes longer before you want to breathe, but oxygen levels are not increased.

Just did 2:05. The first minute and a half was cake, the last 15 seconds were a bit tough.