For men who shave their heads, what do you use and how much hassle is it?

Thin and greying hair, thinking about going the bald route. How do bald men keep thier heads shaved and how much hassle is it?

super easy essay! and think of the money you will save on shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, lice treatments. not to mention the time you will save on not having to style, comb, wash, treat, clean the drain, and keep skanks from running their yucky fingers through it!

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I shave my head with a regular Mach 3 razor. It works fairly well. Once you get used to it, it’s not much of a hassle. I shave every other day. I know other guys who shave every day.

I’ve used an electric razor, and that worked ok, but it took longer and longer as the blades dulled and eventually the razor wore out.

I used cheap disposable blades when I went out on site to work and found those a little uncomfortable on my scalp.

I just use soap. I don’t bother with shaving cream.

I also use a mach 3 and have come to like alba cream/lotion/gel.

It’s actually easier than your face. Your head is a nice smooth surface, no lips, wrinkles, etc to have to watch out for. It takes about as long as your face mostly because you have to feel around, not being able to see a lot of it, for missed spots.

I used to keep my head shaved. I used a 3 head rotary electric razor. It was the wet/dry kind, so I usually used shaving cream and did it while I showered.

Damnit… I might be getting to this point myself. Well, I still have a good 2 years perhaps.

I can’t wait. :rolleyes:

I live around Buffalo, and it’s going to get cold.

I do think that my head is a nice shape though.

My husband shaves his head and uses a Headblade. I remember he nicked himself when he used it the first time but now he absolutely swears by it.
And you have to admit it just looks a lot cooler than any other razor. :wink:

…Interesting. I love when people, (try to), innovate with toothbrushes and razors.

I used to use a Mach 3 but recently I’ve started using my safety razor. It takes a little longer, but I like the result, and it gives me some needed alone time.

I have shaved my head off and on for about the last 15 years. I shave my face and scalp in the shower. I have one of those suction cup mirrors. Wash my body and then use cheap shave cream to shave with a Mach III. I use blades for a lot longer than most people probably do. Sometimes I use the same one for 2-3-months.

Be careful shaving around the ears.

I can shave my whole scalp by feel but like to use the mirror.

I just recently stopped shaving after four years of shaving. For me, being totally smooth/slick was preferable, so I shaved at least once a day, ideally twice. I used either a 3 or 5 blade system, and I swear I could tell the difference. The five blades were better, and I got 15 shaves from a set.

ETA: for me, the clear shave cream made for the head was worth a few extra bucks.

Back when mrAru started going bald, I encouraged him to shave [I remember using the phrase 'Starting to look like a scrofulous stray dog … ’ to good effect] and as I remember he tried the electric razor, the multiblade razor and nair. I do remember the absolute first time he shaved his head I took the sheep shears to him with the shortest clippers to get the roughly inch long hair down to fuzz first.

He got the best results shaving in the shower with the multiblade razor and some kind of shaving soap from a toothpaste sort of tube - submarines tend to not like aerosol anything, when you have to make your own air to breath, you don’t like stray chemicals floating around.:stuck_out_tongue:

Of course when the alopecia hit and every hair on his body fell out, he did admit it was a hell of a lot easier to keep his head bald … but he really did miss his eyelashes and nose hairs. And it is hard to leer with no eyebrows…:dubious: :smack:

When I used to shave my head, I’d use clippers to get it close and then a Trac II or III razor to finish it off. It was always a hassle as getting the parts where you can’t see is difficult and nicking your scalp is very painful.

And don’t forget sunscreen! There is at least one 30 SPF made for shaved heads specifically.

Gillette Mach 3 with Proraso shaving cream, in the shower. Basically, it gives me an excuse to have another ten minutes in the shower. Can’t argue with that.

I have a full head of hair, but I prefer a shaved head in the summer. Problem is, the couple of times I did it my wife insisted I looked like Anton Levay :eek:
I’d have her buzz cut me as short as possible with a hair clippers. Then I’d lather up with Nair for men and shave it off with a Bic Sensitive single blade. A few drops of baby oil gives the smooth, shiny look.

I have to shave my head every couple of days. You need a good razor, but there are good disposables that will do the job.

I just use soap and water to shave.

If you are a white guy with a shaved head, you will need some type of facial hair. Black guys can pull off the bald
o facial hair look. White guys look like cancer patients or giant thumbs. I have a handle bar mustache and a soul patch.