I shaved my head

Yup. Reason? Not really anything. I just hate washing my hair and it was something I’ve been thinking of doing. So I walked into the bathroom planning to just take a shower but I saw the shaver…and knew it was the right time to do it.

The first cut and there was a one and a half inch line down the middle of my head. More and more followed until the sink had a nice pile ready for disposal. Halfway through I looked like a madman. Patches of hair sticking out at crazy angles while surrounded by a sea of scalp. Fallen haif on my neck and shoulders. My squinting eyes and the buzzing shaver didn’t make it any better. Not a pretty sight but I took pictures with a digital camera. shudder. And dang it, I look just like my brother now.

Heck, I think everyone should shave their head. Save money and time without the need for shampoo or hair cuts or any other hair accessories.

So did these guys.

I thought I was having a case of Deja vu…First the rat who ate his owner’s dead skin, and now this. :smiley:
Good luck with the head, and stay out of the sun.

I have been debating doing this for several months. About a year ago the top of my head got sunburned and that is when I decided I would rather shave it than have a “comb over” or the U shaped thing. I bought some clippers and have been cutting my hair very short myself. One of these days I will, I just need one little push and I will finally crack and do it.

My husband has his head shaved; he has for years now I suppose.

Mmmmmmmm. Guys with shaved heads.

(Is that a push for ya, Zap?

Been shaving mine for 7 years now, minus a 6 month stretch in 1998.

It’s easy and cheap. Like me.

That definitely pushes me a little closer, perhaps after this last bottle of shampoo (and a couple more beers) I may actually do it.

I’ve been doin’ it since i was 18, so 8 years now. I was a po’ college student and thought i could save money on barbers and hair care products.

I grew it out once. For my college graduation, as a present to my mom, but immediately after that, i couldn’t shave fast enough.

as for girls: They’ve always reponded favorably. (Particualrly in college). I noticed a sharp increase in the quality of my game and the frequency of good romantic fortune immediately upon shaving my head. of course i had ridiculous, unruly hair, and got my braces off around the same time, so YMMV.

Chris (who tried, but just ain’t a “hair” guy. Now “hairy”, well thats a whole different story :D)

Oh oh oh can I touch it when it has grown in an few mm?

I have been told that the next time I shave my head will be the day when I forego any kind of regular sexual activity.

I’m thinking that I can live with the naturally wavy Auburn hair I have despite the hassle it can be to keep it presentable looking.

I’ve been shaving my head to hide the fact that I’ve stared losing my hair before I’ve reached the age of 20.


I shave my head, because I’m balding anyway.

I am butt ugly though…

I shaved off my elbow-length thick black hair a year or two ago for the hell of it [boredom] and I’ve never looked back. Shaved it again this year because it was getting too long.

Might just shave it again, who knows?

Oh, and I’m a girl. Thought that fact might have some bearing on this thread. If not, nevermind.

I was thinking about doing it to save money. Since I use cheap shampoo I’d save about 50 cents a month. A haircut is about 15 bucks every 2 months so that’s 8 dollars a month saved. Over 20 years that’s $ 1,920.00 saved. My questions to the “shavers” are

Do you use electric or blade ?

Shaving creme ?

How many shaves per blade ?

How long does it take to shave and how often do you do it ?

I use clippers. so the answers to Qs # 2 & 3 aren’t applicable to me… I have the same osterman clippers I’ve had since college. I use the short guard to trim my goatee and take the guard off completely to shave my head. I do this probably once every three weeks or so.

If you get good clippers and you take care of them they will last forever. And it only takes about 10 minutes to shave once you get good at it.

Oil the clippers regularly and never shave damp hair. and if they do get gummed up, get a jewelers screwdriver, open em up and blow a little compressed air in em. do this carefuly though, as the switch is usually held in place by the two halves of the clippers being together, so when you open 'em up, they tend to try and run for it.

I’ve done the blade a couple of times, but it creeps me out a bit. And for me the “chick magnet factor” has always been the soft fuzzy stubble on my head. even my platonic female friends talke about how sexy and erotic my head feels to touch. :smiley:

i personally don’t understand why any guy keeps thier hair. of course some people have funny shaped heads, so maybe its better that way.

Thats alright, just means more stubble head fetish girls for us lucky ones. :wink:


I used to have long ass dreads till I shaved em. Boy does my hair dry fast now. :smiley:

As a member of the “Holy shit, I’m 22 and losing my hair” club, I thought I had better chime in. Been shaving the noggin for 10 years now.

Do you use electric or blade? Blade. Just a regular old Gillette.

Shaving creme? Nope. Soap and water.

How many shaves per blade? Probably about six or seven. I don’t change the blade after a set number of shaves because it is pretty apparent when they go dull.

**How long does it take to shave and how often do you do it?**It takes me about two or three minutes and I do it whenever I shower which is every other day if I’m working in the office or every day if I’m working in the field. A few times I have let it go for three or four days and that takes substantially longer to shave.

Well, I did it…almost. I had a couple of beers then figured what the hell. I got my beard trimmer and did it. Although I could not bring my self to completely shave it, I may as well have, it can’t get any shorter. I admit I like the feel of it and the way the wind feels on it. I will leave it the way it is for now, but I may go ahead and shave it all off in the not to distant future. So far I like it.

Thanks Smashed looks like that did it. :smiley:

I’m part of the “I shaved my head once and then realized why I should never do it again” club. Just about a year ago, I impulsively shaved my head (kept my eyebrows, tho) and noticed something funny.

There’s two grooves in my skull, about four inches long, parallel to each other, about an inch apart. My mother had never seen them before, so apparently I wasn’t born with them, and I’ve never had any severe head trauma … so I just ended up with grooves.

It’s not flaps of skin; it’s in the bone itself. Those who are daring can take a look.

Beware the grooooooooove…

I actually once had an almost-shaved head. My hair stood up for like a month or two after that.

But my head has strange things on it and there’s a very evident bald spot (doctor said it’d go away … it’s still there).

That’s one reason I have such long hair. That and there are plenty of women who like my hair:D