I shaved my head

I was looking in the mirror today at my raggedy locks, thinking to myself that I needed to get a haircut. I intended to get it buzzed so I wouldn’t have to fool with it for a while. Then it occurred to me that there was no reason to go out and pay someone to cut it extra short when I could simply cut it all off myself. So I took my cuticle scissors and flipped open the whisker trimmer on my electric shaver and went to work. I used my digital camera to get to the back of my head; I would flail away for a while, take a picture to check my progress, and repeat those two steps until I was finished. Then I used the shaver itself to smooth everything out.

I think it was a good move. My hair is lousy – thin and brittle – and thinning with all due speed, so I may as well divest myself of it. This will also make hair care, which is not something I enjoy, very easy. And it could be a snappy new look for me.

Cool. I shaved my SOs head a few times - he was really cute without hair, although he doesn’t want to do it again :frowning: Now he has a really geeky haircut :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve considered it. My hair is short and gray, and if I got rid of it I’d be left with a short gray goatee. My wife, who is quite a bit younger than me, thinks it will make me look too old. Out of curiosity, what have been the responses of the women in you life?

The woman at the sandwich counter I go to every day thought it looked nice.

Got any before and after pictures to show us?

I shaved my head a few months ago – all the way down to the scalp using a razor. I looked very strange. Once you take all the hair away, my head is surprisingly small. :eek:

Boy, I’m glad to have my hair back.

Back in the day, (like 2 days ago) I would’ve flirted with you, and told you how sexy I think bald guys are. But my husband is lurking around here now so I can’t.

I can picture it. I bet it looks good.

A guy I know shaves his head, and his wife recently had a baby (less than a month ago, actually). Now we have a running joke about how his kid has more hair than he does :smiley:
[sub]Saaay, Snooooopy, you ain’t married, are ya? :eek: ;)[/sub]

I’ve never shaved my head, but I’ve buzzed it extraordinarily close. I’ve had it to near skin on the sides and back and 1/8th inch on top before. I essentially looked bald. I kind of enjoyed having it buzzed…nothing to mess with. However, I like the way I look better with slightly longer hair.

I have been shaving my head for a while now. Nothing beats a brush, some Burma Shave soap, and a Gilette Razor with the Aloe Comfort Strip.

The current Chromette thinks it’s pretty nice.

I just got tired of having to go get a haircut all the time. between work and school, i have little free time during most places’ business hours and what little time i do have then, i’d rather spend doing more important things. plus, i thought my hair stopped looking good about 2 weeks after i got it cut but if i cut it shorter when i did get it cut, it would have looked weird. now i just shave my head once a week. It saves time, money, and girls dig it for the most part.

I’ve considered this lately, but several people close to me continue to make threats of violence. My mom’s response was, “how do you know that you don’t have an ugly head?” Touche, mummy.

I have very long hair on which I’m always complimented, and have had it since high school . . . the “no maintenance” factor of a shaved head is tempting me, though.

I got fed up with haircuts several years ago, and one day went and bought electric clippers. It’s paid for itself in the intervening time.

Clippers, no blade guard, for a very short buzz (the back of the head takes the longest, but I do pretty well with the braille technique), and then I just leave it alone for a couple months, then repeat. Actually shaving would be too much maintenance, and hair maintenance is exactly what I’m all about avoiding. :slight_smile:

Exactly. You have no idea if you have an unsuitable skull until you actually shave your head.

I did it for the first (and only) time last August. I found out that I have two grooves in the bone, about four inches long, parallel, maybe half an inch deep. My parents had never seen it, so it probably developed significantly after birth. Take a gander at it and realize why I let the hair grow back right away. (The resolution is poor, the angle is bad, but I helpfully circled the disfigurement for you.) That, and there’s a white scar about the size of a dime on my left temple, normally hidden by the hair, that looks like a lesion at first glance.

(“Did you shave your head?” “No, chemo. See this white patch here?” ha! ha! um. not really that funny.)

On the other hand, shaving it was easy, if a bit time-consuming – I just used a Gilette Mach 3 razor and did pass after pass after pass until it all ended up in the trash can or down the drain. Clippers would probably have been quicker.

Some brilliant inventor came up with a razor specificly for head-shaving. You put it on your hand like a ring so you can control it a lot better. Not sure who makes it but I saw it at Rite-Aid with all the rest of the razors.

Here’s a picture of it and a guy showing how to do it. (Doesn’t mention the maker though, unless it’s Mach III, but I think that’s just the blade.)


You had hair to shave off? :smiley:

ow! ow! quit that!

I love ** Snooooopy** with hair, without I shall stalk him! Oh yes he will be mine! At least in my nasty raunchy fantasies!

One of us. One of us. One of us.

Welcome, brother!

Might I suggest you pick up a Gilette Mach 3- it’s the best I’ve used. I originally used a Norelco electric razor, but the Mach 3 does the job, better, in half the time.

Whatever you do, avoid the HeadBlade. Theoretically, it’s designed specifically for shaving heads- but practically, it gave me one of the worst cuts of my life. :eek:

Nice t-shirt, though.

The HeadBlade? That sounds evil. “For your crimes against the state, I sentence you to death by … the HeadBlade!”

Something to remember before you shave:
Your head has bumps and things you don’t realise are there when your head is covered by hair. Don’t just Shave wantonly. Be gentle. Be careful. You will bleed! Beware!
Also remember that if you’re male, females, children and elderly persons may regard you as a more dangerous person once you have shaved. Be prepared for your new life! Don’t try and explain why you did it. They will run! (screaming)
(WT’s B/F)