For Oggs sake! - trouble playing .ogm files in Windoze XP (or Mac osX)

I’ve got a few .ogm files I’d really like to play (the first “Spaced” series - which I missed first time round, scientifically proven to be the funniest geekcom ever, or something)

.ogm files seem to be XviD files with Ogg Vorbis audio. The video stream plays fine - even the subtitles play fine, but the sound is no go. I’ve installed all the codecs for oggness I can find - the files even came with what should be the right codecs. I’ve updated DirectX, WinXP itself, I’ve tried different players - same result. The only sound I’ve got at all has been playing around with the audio splitter settings in “Media Player Classic” (a funky replacement for WMP, Realplayer and Quicktime) but it’s hideously distorted. :frowning:

I tried downloading ogg audio files to see if I could play them - same story - no sound on most players or hideously distorted in Media Player Classic. WinAmp 3 seems to have oggablity built in and plays ogg files fine - but refuses to play ogm files. I’ve run out of ideas, friends with Macs don’t seem to be able to play the damn things either - :confused: - Help!

I’ve never had any problem with them, and I’m running windows 2000 (and before that 98). I can’t help you, except by bumping the thread.

My first thought would have been reinstalling the codecs…but you’ve already tried that. Stupid question–does the audio for other video types work for you?

Yup - ogms are only prob I’ve ever had with video formats mpeg, avi (inc divx etc), all those nasty windoze thingies, Qt, Rm - all lovely.
The fact that ogg files don’t play either suggests it’s just the ogg vorbis bit, (all the ogg vorbis task bar icons come up, as advertised, menu items are selectable - just no sodding sound, or really really distorted)