For Real Now: Is David Duchovny Hot?

He starred in Californication, playing a writer who basically just gets drunk and does drugs all day. Somehow, he gets every attractive woman he meets to instantly sleep with him. They’re all like “damn he’s so hot,” never mind the pussy-juice on his lips from the broad he just ate out 2 minutes ago.

Obviously, this is a fictional tv show. But I hear people say that he really is that attractive. I would label him a 7 or 8 tops. Am I wrong?

Since it’s your opinion, of course you’re not wrong. I wouldn’t say he’s smoking hot but I’ve found him attractive in a number of roles.

Pretty darn hot in early X-Files. Less so by the time Californication came along.

I’d do him.

If you Google “Is David Duchovny a sex addict?” you’ll see that he is, (self proclaimed,) and that makes him less attractive to me. I know that some of us have our own addictions and we would hope for some understanding in dealing with them but the very nature of his involves other people in a most intimate way. Many people, which devalues any intimacy IMHO. He’s been to rehab but I don’t see how doing the show Californication could have helped; he’s been paid for acting out his constant fantasies. The fact that his and Tea Leon’s divorce is amicable makes me think he has a lot of good points, but I can see why the marriage couldn’t work. So no, even though I think he’s good-looking, he’s not attractive to me.

I’ve been told that I look like him (years ago). So yes, of course he is!

Not sure what it is, but there’s something very erotic-looking about his face. Not so much now as back in the *X-Files *days. I’d still do him.

Moving over to CS.

He was my first post-sexual awakening childhood crush. He’s less attractive to me now, but he has a special place in my inner 13 year old girl heart.

He was in the early X-Files days, but got kind of Slab-Face later on (cheeks kind of puffy, fine chiseled features diminished). I haven’t seen him in awhile, though.

Doesn’t do a thing for me. Even in the X-Files he just looks dorky and kind of plain. His voice doesn’t help either.

I even googled “David Duchovny sexy” to try and find photos to help his case and I actually broke out laughing.

There is something about the way his face is put together that makes him smoking hot.

I wouldn’t throw him out of bed for eating crackers.

As the OP said, on Californication he portrays someone supernaturally irresistible to all women (and some men), which is male fantasy at its finest.

My wife said his face looks kind of dopey, but who knows what she really thinks in her heart of hearts.