For sale, motorcycle: 2005 BMW R1200RT ABS, silver, with Corbins, $5,100

For sale in Sunnyvale CA USA —

2005 BMW R1200RT ABS, silver, with Corbins

Only 42,600 miles, barely broken in, original owner.

This is a solid running, bulletproof 1-owner bike. Never any problems with this bike. See pictures, I’ve ridden this bike from San Francisco to St. Louis, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, and several times to LA. The engine is barely broken in. No accidents, never crashed, never down. A tipover or two.

Features / includes:
Heated grips, and heated front and rear seats
ESA, electronic suspension adjustment
AM FM CD, and good speakers, the sound can be heard clearly at freeway speeds (and I wear earplugs
Cruise control, can be set at up to 100 MPH (but not over)
BMW tank bag with rain cover ($300)
BMW saddle bags and saddle bag liners (inner soft bags for carrying contents)
Corbin leather saddle with back rest ($1,200, their Sport Touring dual saddle)
Includes the stock BMW saddles, in the Corbin box
Cylinder head guards
Michelin Pilot Road 2 Sport Touring tires

Front: new
Rear: pretty new, it has about 5,000 miles of tread left
The stock horn is loud; I always loved that
Everything works except the CD player
Includes the single best safety enhancement for the highway (IMHO): large rectangular blind spot mirrors — on highways you never have to turn your head aside
A few extras (helmets, gloves, gear) included

Maintenance: regular and by the book. All maintenance has been performed at the old Cal BMW Mountain View (where I bought it), and San Jose BMW until 2012. Since then it’s been to The UnDealership in Redwood City. I have most of the paperwork. Nobody else has maintained this bike, and it’s a solid runner, never any problems.

Price: $5,100

  • make — BMW
  • model — R1200RT ABS
  • year — 2005
  • engine — 2 cylinder boxer, 1,200 cc
  • mileage — 42,600
  • title info — clean, current
  • current condition — solid running, I’d ride it to Key West tomorrow if I didn’t have to go to work
  • maintenance history — by the book, mostly by dealership, all by BMW certified mechanics
  • accident history — none, never crashed, never been down (tipovers)
  • location — Sunnyvale CA

After 36+ years of riding, over 210,000 accident-free miles, 4 motorcycles in 14 states and three countries, and motorcycle safety instructor certification, I am finally selling my beloved bike and hanging up the helmet and riding gear.

As I get older I’m turning the page on this fun and fantastic chapter of my life.

I like lists, and looking back on my riding years I’ve been blessed to enjoy motorcycling through different adventures. I’ll list them here for posterity.

Motorcycle training:

  • 1983 Mariwasa Honda beginner rider course, Philippines
  • 1987-03-17 MSF BRC, Basic Rider Course, Motorcycle Safety Foundation
  • 1993-04-28 MSF ERC, Experienced Rider Course
  • 2007-06-30 MSF RiderCoach training, instructing
  • 2008-11-01 ACSO CRC, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Civilian Rider Course (Intermed.)

Riding experience:
210,000 riding miles in 14 states and 3 countries, chronologically: PHL* CA AZ NM TX OK NV UT CO NE IA MO IL KS AR ESP*
(* — Philippines, Spain; and USA)

Motorcycles owned:

  • 1983 Yamaha XS650SK Heritage Special
  • 1983 BMW R80RT
  • 1995 BMW R1100GS ABS
  • 2005 BMW R1200RT ABS

Long trips, 500+ miles / 2+ days, from San Francisco:
(IBA SS1000: Iron Butt Association, Saddle Sore 1,000 miles in 24 hours)

  • 1987 Aug — Los Angeles CA (1983 Yamaha 650 Special)
  • 1990 Jun — Lawton OK, Fort Sill (1983 Yamaha 650 Special; 1983 BMW R80RT; 4,000 miles)
  • 1991 Jun — Bishop CA (1983 BMW R80RT)
  • 1992 Jun — Camp Pendleton CA (1983 BMW R80RT)
  • 1992 Jul — Bishop CA (1983 BMW R80RT)
  • 1993 Jun — Bishop CA (1983 BMW R80RT)
  • 1993 Aug — Bishop CA (1983 BMW R80RT)
  • 1994 Sep — Bishop CA (1983 BMW R80RT)
  • 1996 Sep — Phoenix AZ (1995 BMW R1100GS)
  • 1996 Dec — Bishop CA (1995 BMW R1100GS)
  • 2005 Jun — Disneyland’s 50th (2005 BMW R1200RT; 2-up)
  • 2007 Oct — Denver CO, World Series, (2005 BMW R1200RT; IBA SS1000 #1)
  • 2008 Aug — Phoenix AZ, Sedona, Grand Canyon (2005 BMW R1200RT; 2-up)
  • 2009 May — Salton Sea CA, Yuma AZ (2005 BMW R1200RT; IBA SS1000 #2)
  • 2010 Jul — St. Louis MO, 2-week work trip (2005 BMW R1200RT; 4,500 miles)
  • 2010 Jun — Cal-24 Rally (2005 BMW R1200RT; 2-up, IBA SS1000 #3)
  • 2013 May — Hoover Dam NV/AZ (2005 BMW R1200RT; 2-up, IBA SS1000 #4)