For the Benefit of Major Feelgood.

Note: I wanted to take this to e-mail, but as ~MF declines to supply an e-mail address, I will have to make a thread.

In your ignorant, incredulous excuse for a post in the Gladiator/Hillsborough thread you made some stupid claims in a clear attempt to obtain negative responses. I’m sorry I fell for the bait, but, as Magnus Magnusson said, “I’ve started so I’ll finish”… (look it up if you don’t get the reference. hint: You wont find it on “Wheel of Fortune”).

Your post, in its idiotic entirity

  1. This board is not “American”. Yes, the majority of posters are from the U.S., so you believe that Canadians should be prohibited from posting also? Well, they are a commonwealth Country after all.

  2. Ruadh is not a Brit. She is an American living in Dublin.
    I am not a Brit. I am Irish, also living in Dublin. TomH is English. The Ryan is a Martian or something, Dropzone is a American, etc. I could go on, but does it actually make a difference?

  3. If you think that we are backward over here, let me ask you something, have you ever actually ventured outside of Buttfuck, Montana?

  4. re: The last world cup. I have 2 points that display your ignorance.
    a) “Britian” did not play in the last World Cup. England did, as did Scotland. Learn the difference.

b) the only people who were mentioning the War were the Tabloids, more specifically, Rupert Murdoch’s scumrag “the Sun”, not exactly known for their journalistic achievements or being bastions of the truth. Then again, I get the feeling that you subscribe to The Weekly World News.
If you ever wonder why some foreigners may be a little cold to people like you, it is this “We saved your ass back in the War” attitude that people like you ram down the throats of any British or French person you meet or interact with. Let me tell you something. While western Europe is extremely grateful to your nation for the War effort, it dosent mean that we have to bow down and perform oral sex on YOU just because you mention it. Did YOU fight to preserve MY freedom? Go read Coldfires thread about his Grandfather to realise true gratitude. Not some “America, America, we love you, you giant fucking A” gratitude you expect us to have.

Let me get back to the point, nice and simply. You are a Dimrod. You inspire me to watch Jerry Springer and take notes. You make me want to start thinking Pat Robertson has some good ideas. You are ignorant.

Statistically, and by a vote of your peers, you are the weakest link.


There’s two alternatives here:

  1. MF is trying to provoke a reaction for a joke. Not very funny, but it’s a possibility, or
  2. He really is that fucking stupid

I’d be interested in knowing which it is.

Judging by MF’s previous posts, I’d say that it is 2 Gary.

Ah Twisty, Twisty. I warned thee. The fucker is probably rubbing his hands with glee and cackling that he got a rise out of you. No doubt even now he is planning the celebration involving a male pig greased with lard and his ass.

Major Wanker exists purely to try and proclaim “US good, everyone else bad”. He is the inbred redneck that gives other inbred rednecks a bad name. He is the archtypical stereotype we all have of the loud-mouthed, badly-dressed, clueless, culturally naive Yank that has never left his one-horse town.

There really is no point in arguing with him. By now his family is more porcine than human anyway.

I do feel sorry for his fellow Americans on this board, so many of whome are such a witty, intelligent and worldly bunch. He is the fanfaron that gives the rest a bad name.


People like Major Slackbladder are what give Americans a bad name abroad.

“If it wasn’t for us you’d all be speaking German” BLAH BLAH BLAH repeat to fade.

Get a fucking grip. All YOU have ever done is reinforce the stereotype that a lot of people have over here.

This board is full of open minded intelligent people from all over the world. It is mostly because of this board that I realised that Americans are not just the insular inward looking people that I had always thought of.

You on the other hand are a ámadan.

When I ran afoul of MF in the ghastly Rosiewolf thread a few months back, he mentioned that he is a naturalized citizen of the US. From somewhere in the subcontinent, apparently. He does indeed seem to believe that the USA is beyond any meaningful criticism.

I’m sure he’ll be along presently to flog you all for the error of your ways.

Twisty, give us a link here mate. I’d like to see the quotes in their original context. Although I can’t really see what context could put words like that in a favourable light…

Here ya go Coldie.
Twisty’s busy :wink:

Thanks, yojimbo.

Well, what can I see. I wholeheartedly agree with the OP in this case. And I’m glad this board is here to show us the vast, vast majority of Americans do not display this completely ignorant attitude Major Feelgud seems to have.

I’m shocked at all the negative comments that I’ve garnered. But you guys seemed to have overlooked certain facts.

  1. I did not say that “Britain” played in the last world cup. Please read what I actually wrote, you actually started a thread on something you misread.

  2. What I said was that British soccer fans rampaged in France telling the French that if it wasn’t because of them they’d be Krauts. Now, I don’t know if the fans were just English or there were Scottish and Welsh fans too. I’m sure that the French did not stop to ask them.

  3. It is also true that the British sank French ships in North Africa (Algiers I think) to stop the Germans from taking them over.

  4. And also please read. I do not have a “We saved your ass back in the War” attitude. Please read. I said British fans in the last world cup told that to the French, and I said I thought that statement was untrue.

You guys are just all acting like soccer hooligans, same mind set. You put words in my mouth and then proceeded to lynch me for things I didn’t say.

If I may quote you from the thread linked…

Would you care to comment on any of those statements?

Coldfire: I’m shocked at your haphazard moderation. All those things said towards me are untrue and words put in my mouth.

Look at this attack:

“Did YOU fight to preserve MY freedom? Go read Coldfires thread about his Grandfather to realise true gratitude. Not some “America, America, we love you, you giant fucking A” gratitude you expect us to have.”

Did I say I fought? Did I say I saved their ass? All words put in my mouth. I said:

“The truth of the matter is that if it wasn’t because of the Yanks, both the Brits and the French would be Krauts.”

The truth of the matter is I’m of British origin.

Gary Kumquat:

“I also found it funny in the last World Cup that the Brits told off the French that if it wasn’t because of them (the Brits) “the French would be Krauts”. Absolutely untrue. The truth of the matter is that if it wasn’t because of the Yanks, both the Brits and the French would be Krauts. I thought it was funny they tried to take credit for this. The Brits actually sank French ships in North Africa and almost came to blows.”

So which of the above statements did you find untrue?

  1. Did British fans not tell the French the above?

  2. Did the British navy not try to sink French ships in WWII?

  3. It is debatable whether the Brits and French would have been Germans of the US hadn’t stepped in. BUT, it is equally debatable whether the French would have been Germans without the British.

So in the context of the British rant “that the French would have been German if it wasn’t because of them”, I would find the statement that both of them would be German equally true, in that context.

Excuse me, Twisty, but I believe you meant Assboink, Idaho. Do a search if you don’t believe me. :slight_smile:

I must confess that I find it a tad amusing that here we have the stereotypical Ugly American – and he’s not one of ours! He’s one of yours! Ha! (Actually, it’s more relief than amusement, but still.)

If they were supporting the English Team I think it would be a good guess that they where English.

Really ?

Oh and the US didn’t “step in” as you say. They where brought in. Something happened in some harbour if I remember correctly :rolleyes:

I don’t think so. Hooligans chant things like “YOU’RE GOING GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD KICKED IN” and then go about kicking your fucking head in. We on the other hand are merely picking you up on a couple of points you made. :rolleyes:

In reference to the statement you do mention, I’d like a source for the claim that “the Brits” made this statement to the French. I also find your claim that

to be an alarmingly simplistic view of World War 2. I’m a poor historian, but would be surprised if any nation could claim to have been singly responsible for the Allies victory in WW2.

I find it very interesting though that you’ve only mentioned one snippet of your original quote. You handily excluded the most insulting part, namely

I really do think you should address that point. You might want to retract it. Especially if you’re now about to claim British descent (on which I must agree with Jodi).

Must not respond to blatent trolling
Must not respond to blatent trolling

Ah fuck it.

Major Dipshit - exactly how long do you think the US would have held out without France, the UK and all the other “defeated” countries depleting huge amounts of German resources first? Maybe if the US had had the guts to jump in straight away rather than hold back whilst other countries attempted to stand up for what is right, France could have avoided being overrun in the first place, hmm?

Priapismic pig-on-a-stick! Lots of countries lost lots of people to that war. Are you even the slightest bit aware of how offensive you are being?

And I’m sorry Jodi but Fuckwit’s style and word choice is far too American for him to have been anywhere near Britain for a very very very long time. “Soccer”? “British fans”? This is certainly not a newly ex-patriated Brit.

Hey! I am speaking German! What gives ? I want my money back! - or something.

A couple of MF quotes for comparison:

Exhibit A:

  • then came exhibit B:
  • and finally (Hi Opal!), C:

In other words, A (“truth of the matter”) is not contradicted by B (“debatable”), because it should be read in the “context” laid out in C. This context is defined by the “British rant” that the Major disagreed with in the first place. Colour me confused.

BTW, Major, as you undoubtedly know, the British tried to sink French ships (in Mers-el-Kebir, IIRC) to prevent them from being used by the Vichy French. IOW, this action certainly would have been a strike against the Axis powers and for a free France, had it succeeded. So this is not at all in contradiction with the alleged British rant.

Jodi, not ours either, I’m Irish.
Major feelgud,

  1. I repeat for your benefit. British fans not rioting. a very small minority of English fans did. Scotish fans were very well behaved and well recieved in the town of Lille, where they were based.

  2. So you think that just because some dumbkopfs went about claiming this or that, you can too and not be called on it?
    In My Humble Opinion:

You came into a thread concerning the Hillsborough Disaster, and in an attempt to create more tension amongst the posters said

let me interupt myself for a minute just to repeat myself

and once more for good luck

I’ll continue.

You ask why a “Brit” is talking about something that is not, apparently to you, American, on an “American Board”

You ask if there are any English boards that this discussion could take place. Yes there are, but what topics that can or cannot be discussed on this board is not your decision to make.

You ask are they that “Backward” on this side of the Atlantic that we don’t have boards like this. (IMO, there is no other board like this, but I digress) Oh yeah, we be not brained or edumacated o’er heer. Me be dum dum dum.

Do you not see that they are both ignorant statements to make to begin with?

I’ll tell you why I believe them to be ignorant. For one, the people who generally use them have never seen a day’s combat in their lives, but still like to parade the fact that their country is “superior” in some way, (if only in their own heads).

A lot of people labour under the impression that us western Europeans should be grateful to them personally because their grandfathers or Great grandfathers fought in a war. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful and greatly admire their grandfathers and great-grandfathers who put their lives on the line so that one day I might live in a free country. I just don’t think that I should have to toss the salad of their grandkids aswell.
In all, you can put whatever slant on it you wish. At the end of the day I don’t believe you are going to change your opinion about us “backward” foreigners, but its not as if I’m going to lose any sleep over it. And I would love for you to justify what you believe to be an ad hominem by myself upon you.

Ah, was that not the one where Feelgud called me a “do gooding fucking cunt” or something of that nature?
I believe he said he was from, um…he did say he was an immigrant, or something…
Ah, here we go:

LOVELY debate skills, eh?

Guin: That quote reminds me of that bum down the street when he’s drunk…