For the Ladies: Hair and Makeup

I heard a lady on TV say that only TV people do their hair and makeup before getting dressed. That took me by surprise because I’m not a TV personality, and yet I always do my hair and makeup before getting dressed. Am I alone in this? If I got dressed first I might get makeup on my clothes. So, ladies, do you get dressed and then do your hair and makeup or do you do your hair and makeup, then get dressed? Or something else?

Dressed first, then make up. Hair comes last (although it’s just combing and applying styling product. I don’t blow it dry or anything.)

I’m not that messy that I drop or dribble make up down the front of me (although I did have a nasty run in with a hot wing for lunch and have the white sweater to prove it).

Clothes first, then makeup. Seems weird to do it the other way.

I tend to be kind of klutzy, so if I’m planning to put on makeup (rareish) and I’m wearing something that doesn’t need to be pulled over my head I’ll do makeup first, to avoid the inevitable spilling of powder all over my collar.

Clothes first, then makeup. I could get foundation on my shirt pulling it over my head.

Not a lady, but I do theater. White teeshirt first, then makeup, then costume.

I don’t wear makeup anymore and my hair consists of combing wet hair, but back in the day I would do both things after getting dressed. However, if I got out of the shower into a robe and then was going to wear something that didn’t go over my head, I could see doing hair and makeup first (a la a bride putting the dress on last).

it depends on what i’m wearing - like Daerlyn said. No point fixing my hair if I’m about to pull a sweater over my head and deflate the whole thing.

Course that was back in the 80s when I did the big hair thing. Nowadays, it’s just a little lipstick and i’m good to go - so I just save that for after I’m dressed and in the car.

I always do my hair right after I get out of the shower, while it’s still somewhat damp. As for makeup and clothes, I don’t have a set routine. Sometimes I’ll dress first, other times vice versa.

Most days? Hair (just product and scrunching/twisting while wet), then clothes, then makeup (if I even wear it); I pretty much never get makeup on my clothes.

Somewhere formal where I’m afraid of getting makeup on the outfit? It depends on how the outfit goes on- if it’s a pullover, makeup is still last, but I might put a towel over my chest to catch powder, just in case. If it’s a button-down, the shirt goes on last.

Makeup first, then hair, then clothes.

Makeup first, everything except lipstick or lip gloss, which I’ll put on after getting dressed. I sort of half way do my hair second, then I’ll get dressed, then finish my hair.

I blowdry my hair when I’m partially dressed, then finish dressing, then makeup. I figure if absolutely necessary, I can skip the makeup. Also, I read one time that you should be dressed when applying makeup so you can sense how all the colors work together.

This is what I do. I delay putting clothes on as long as possible. Especially the bra and shoes.

I lean on the bathroom counter when I do makeup because I’m extremely near sighted, and I always end up getting water marks on my clothes from doing that, so I try to do makeup/hair first then clothes - I’m also a big dribbler when it comes to toothpaste :stuck_out_tongue:

Call me weired if you like but there’s nothing sexier than a woman puting on her make up in her bra and panties.
I don’t think I’ve ever had a GF who’s done it any other way.

Hair first, then makeup, then clothes, and finally finishing touches on hair. I had no idea I am a TV personality. :wink:

This is almost exactly what I do.

Maybe I should look into this TV thing. Hmmm.

Makeup, hair, then clothes. I use loose powder and don’t want that on my clothes, plus I shed like the dickens.

If I wear something that goes over my head, I will cover my head and face with something silky, then slide my top over my head. Works like a charm - keeps makeup off of my clothes and doesn’t muss my hair.