For the're in a "tap out" fight against Serena Williams. Who wins?

I’m 1.84 m and 120 kg (I’ll wait while the Americans grab their calculators and convert…:0) )
but I don’t necessarily buy the “I’m bigger so I win” rule. If I were in a fight with Jet Li, I’m pretty sure he’d wipe the walls with me. I still think I could take her in a match but I don’t think it would be an easy fight by any stretch.

I also have significant height and weight advantage, however, she has muscle strength on me both in arms and legs. I’d give her the edge.


If I hit the HGH and steroids the way she has I could take her apart like a sticky bun.

She’s got me beaten to shit on endurance, even if she’s “unfit” by tennis champ standards, but she’s giving away a lot of weight plus the whole, you know, testosterone thing, so I’m prepared to guess that I can hit harder, stand to be hit more, and may even know more about holds and throws than she does. I’ve not the slightest idea while we’re even fighting in the first place but I think it’s advantage me.