For the're in a "tap out" fight against Serena Williams. Who wins?

Serena quoted on Wikipedia:

Well then that settles it. She’s a lardo and is washed up.

She could easily have her way with me. I may look formidable from 10 feet away, but up close, and in the clutch, I’ve just gotta hope she chooses not to do any permanent damage because she is hot and I’m not tapping out while I’ve still got sweet body contact.

Depends on how many fights she’s been. Me: not many, but I imagine more than her.

Serena without a doubt - as an athlete she’d have strength, endurance and pain-tolerance over me.

I’m sure she’s a lot stronger than I am, so odds of me losing are very high.

I out-weigh her and probably am stronger than her. She might have a cardio advantage, but I’m also a long distance runner so I think I could hold my own if it dragged on. But I’m getting old and I may be overestimating my strength.

I’d cry “uncle” before we even started.

Ditto. I spend my days in a chair writing code. She’s an athlete, with strong muscles and fast responses.

Based on what? She’ll be stronger, faster, and I bet she’d fight dirtier too, but wouldn’t need to.

I’d bet dollars to donuts that she’s considerably stronger than the average American or European man (let’s even limit that to men in their 20’s), by any reasonably comprehensive measure.

I’d say I have a 70% chance. I’d most likely win and I’d probably have to hurt her very badly, but I have a strong feeling I’d be carrying a few scars with me for years to come.

Not if the man out weighs her, and many will. According to sources online she’s between 150 and 160 pounds, which would put her at a big disadvantage.

I’m 5’ 5", overweight, and have the muscular definition of the Pillsbury Doughboy. Serena would win, but I would enjoy it…

She’s 5’9" and 155 lbs.

I’m 6’5" and 250 lbs.

Unless she has some incredible martial arts training, I’d win.

Would you repeat that? Because it sounded like you said she has too much “junk in that trunk”… and I know it couldn’t have been that.

If we’re talking about a fight that sort of has rules, she might have a chance. That whole boys don’t hit girls thing was well ingrained in me by the women in my life who raised me.

An actual street fight, where she is out to actually damage or murder me? Without a doubt I would fuck her up, bad. Like really bad. In this kind of altercation, fight or flight kicks in and she is no longer a girl protected by the behavioural limiters I was raised with, but an existential threat. My greater physical power and stature combined with my training would make for a very broken opponent.

She is strong, and very fit. But there is no comparison between her and me if I was in fear for my life.

Ta for the stats. I’m basically 6’3 1/2" and 220lb, a fair bit older than her and no where near as fit, but I can grapple a bit and in a contest to make the other tap out, with $10k on the line, I’m confident I could win.

But I may take my time about it.:smiley:

I’m a very similar height and weight.

I’ve never been much of a fighter

Although I now sit behind a desk, I did grow up as a labourer, and I still do run on a regular basis.

I would expect that her strength and conditioning would mean that she is at LEAST as strong as I am - I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a fight against her. I would give her 2:1 odds of beating me.

I am slim but do not regularly work out. Unless I could do a quick knock-out I think she would probably win due to better stamina and probably better strength.

I’m a lover not a fighter so it would have to be a wrestling love match… and of course I’d let her win.

I’m 6’, 220 lbs, and feel confident I could take her easily.