For those in the know: Is McCain trying to pull strings to get the nomination again?

Any truth to the rumor that if McCain declines to run, Republican leaders are planning to dig up Saint Reagan and prop him up on a stick?

Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee also ran in '08. Your first clause is not credible.

He is the best GOP candidate I could ever hope for. It’s the best of both worlds for me: he’s the least electable of even the semi-sane prominent Republicans, since he’s on record as not even pretending to care about lower-income Americans. That’s why I was a little scared of Rick Santorum, who I think would have talked a good enough game to convince many working class people that he could relate to him, but if in power he would have at the very best have signed off on Congress’s outrageous fiscal schemes if they’d sign off on his far right social agenda.

But Romney, even if elected, wouldn’t be as much of a disaster for the country as a Trump, or Carson, or Santorum.

Yet do you maintain even Romney at his most flagrant would have selected La Belle Palin as his running-mate ?

I’ve not heard anyone deny it, so it must be true!

If Romney is nominated as the Republican candidate for president, I will personally come to your kitchen in Minnesota and make your family a tuna noodle casserole for dinner.

I don’t believe John McCain wants to run and get the nomination. He is over that now.

A. Random question
B. Out of left field
C. Wondering if McCain is doing anything to try to get nominated.
Where’s the mystery??
ETA:tl;dr **Nema98 **seems to have understood the question quite easily, and answered in post #27.

Because its a pointless question.

Well, it was a tricky question so it’s not surprising it took 27 posts to get it right.

I asked “Where’s the mystery?” I didn’t ask if you approved or why you were confused.

Here’s the mystery. McCain has been acting in exactly the same way since 2009. I don’t know of anything new or different he’s doing. You never bother to say what his foolishness is or how that behavior could in any way connect to him wanting to run again, which he is obviously not, not even by hints or code or symbolism. What in the world could have led you to post this was mysterious to every one of us. And still is. In the improbable chance that your question was sincere, you made it literally unanswerable.

Clear enough?

Well, is Nema98 “in the know”, as specified in the thread title? If not, then the question is still open, now, isn’t it. :wink:

I got sick of all this back-and-forth crap so I phoned up McCain’s wife at home and she said “Yeah, he’s trying to pull strings to get the nomination again.”