For those in the know: Is McCain trying to pull strings to get the nomination again?

Basically, the title is the question.

I have no reason to think so other than his foolishness; which, I believe, is considerable.


Now, Universe, I know I haven’t been a very good pantheist, but if I could just have this sign…

Oh, holy jesus, this would be CHRISTMAS COME EARLY.

DO it, McCain. Do it! America has been WAITING FOR YOU.

And Palin is tanned, rested, and ready!

but is America ready for a grandma hottie VP?

Other than a weird joke, I don’t get the OP’s question at all. Want to come back and explain what the hell this is supposed to mean?

Yeah, this.

Seems like a random question out of left field, asked for no reason whatsoever.

Well McCain is running for reelection to the US Senate in 2016. He will be 80 on election day. McCain has received a primary challenge from Alexander Meluskey, a true conservative:
The Democrats appear to be fielding Representative Ann Kirkpatrick to run against him. She is currently a member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs as well as the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

He’s asking if John McCain is angling to get the GOP nomination for President. He has no reason to think this is the case.

The answer is, there is no reason to think this is the case.

You really didn’t understand that? It seems pretty straightforward.


He’s asking what gives the OP any indication that McCain is angling to get the GOP nomination for President.

You really don’t understand that? It seems pretty straightforward.

This thread is just the break the McCain camp has been waiting for!

He was the worst candidate when he ran; now, excepting Mr. Sanders, he’d be the best of the bunch.
Maybe America is on a downward roll.

Yeah, why does the question even need to be asked, when the answer is so obvious? Is there some reason the OP didn’t think the answer was obvious?

It is straightforward, and was answered in the OP -


Even McCain’s smart enough to know that his moment’s come and gone, given that he’d be running for President at the age of 80.

Now it wouldn’t surprise me if Mitt were trying to set himself up as the go-to guy if there’s no first-ballot winner next July. He’s got to be looking at the current field and thinking he’s better than all of them put together. And he’d be right.

The momentum is building!

The only cure is embalming fluid.

So it won’t be long.

Assuming this was actually happening, none of us are in a position to have heard about it. But since the nominee is selected by primary votes, the fact that McCain isn’t running is a fairly strong indication that he is not “angling for the nomination.” You can’t just show up at the convention and tell them to pick you because the presumptive nominee sucks.

The fact that he hasn’t said he’s *not *running means he’s thinking seriously about it and will announce any day now.

At least it did in regard to Biden. Maybe McCain’s different.

I think McCain did say a long time ago that he’s not running for president in 2016. Pretty sure he endorsed Lindsey Graham, actually. But now that Graham is getting blown away, McCain is having second thoughts…