For Those of Us Who Just Aren't Into Social-Networking Websites

I thought this was pretty funny.

Pretty much sums it up, don’ it?

But all the more evidence that folks like you and I are old-generation - whatever is being done with Facebook and Twitter and such - it is laying groundrules for what people discuss, how they discuss it and how they involve people in their lives and evaluate their own self-worth. But from the outside it sure seems like a trivial foundation for all that…

Apparently, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook are soon to be combined into one single social-networking website.

It will be called YouTwitFace.


Nice to meet you, Mr. O’Brien. I had no idea you posted here.

I thought the picture was funny, but that was HILARIOUS!!! :smiley:

I can’t link to it at work, but has a really funny video of Real Life Tweeting. It involves a man standing out on the street, amongst a crowd, standing in line, whatever, making random comments. It’s hilarious when he’s standing next to this gorgeous blonde and says aloud “OMG, I am standing next to the most beautiful woman in the world. Should I say hi to her?” The juxtaposition of the randomness of bloviating your every thought to total strangers is very apparent when you do it IRL, but people have no thought about doing it online.


Don’t give De La Rue too much credit, as Smeghead already pointed out, he/she blatantly ripped off Conan O’Brien, but what’s worse is he/she screwed up the joke. It’s YouTube (not MySpace), Twitter, and Facebook.


My Facebook “friends” make me feel inadequate.

Real Life Twitter

I still love isolatr.

Every time something cool is happening and someone mentions “I can’t wait to put this on facebook” as opposed to just enjoying the moment, that person goes down in my estimation.

Note: I’m in college. Please tell me people in the real world don’t do this.

Some of the people who are stupid in college will continue to be shining beacons of stupidity all through their lives. They go on to be Stupid Co-workers, Stupid Bridal Couples, Stupid Voters, Stupid Parents, Stupid Middle Managers and finally Stupid Old People.
Don’t be them.

Erm… uh… I don’t do Facebook or anything like that, but I often find myself thinking “I gotta remember the details of this for when I post it on the Straight Dope.” Usually the urge wears off by the time I actually get to a computer.

ETA: I’m in college, too.

I present to you, Facebook in Reality.

It’s no different from saying “this is awesome, I can’t wait to tell my friends about it.”

… and somebody posted this on a coworkers office door…

I created a profile on You Tube in order to be able to post comments on videos. I never intended to use it for networking so I don’t bother adding friends. Now when I visit my profile, that little friends list section says “You Have No Friends”.


If I wanted to talk to people, I wouldn’t be sitting at a computer.