What "social networking" stuff do you do

Let’s try this again…

Curious. Personally I find the obsession w/this stuff bizarro if not pathetic.

Only Facebook, and not willingly. It’s become the default ways for the acting troupes at Faire to communicate, and it’s not even very good for that.

Says someone asking for opinions on a social network. And not very competently either.

It’s far from pathetic. My only problem with them is their specifics, which can be interfering, lazy, dangerous, or just plain ugly. Their reason for existence is fine by me.

I use Twitter, but in the old days used to use ICQ, when it was way more social and dynamic, and of course messageboards and comment threads, like on IO9 or even YouTube sometimes. Not sure if that counts as social networking.

Oh yeah, I also recently signed up on Google+, but I keep forgetting. I don’t think I’ll stay.

None; unless the SDMB and a few other message boards counts as “social networking”. I especially avoid Twitter; both the style and the name annoy me.

Thx for the snotty reply. Classy, mature, AND intelligent. The hat trick! Dude you like all totally rock. PS thx for proving my point.


Look, I’m not into social networking at all, but what did you expect when you started off the thread insulting a good percentage of the respondents?

BTW, how/why did you start this thread in Cafe Society? I’ll report it for you.

I used MySpace years ago and never cancelled my account, so I suppose I still have one. I signed up for Twitter and Linkedin but have never done anything with either of them. Facebook I update about 84 times per day.

It sure seems like a Cafe Society subject to me.

I have no social with which to network, so None.

How did I insult “a good percentage” of the respondents? First I have no idea who the “respondents” will be, second note I said “obsession with,” not anyone whoever uses any of them.

I won’t even start on the fallacy/idiocy of calling my OP “incompetent,” which makes no sense whatsoever.

As for stating it in this forum, I’m fine with it being moved wherever - and clearly you’re all fired up about reporting it, so knock yourself out.

So you think it unlikely that there will be avid users of social networking here, on an internet message board? Yeah, I doubt that. I’m beginning to see your angle - guess I fell for it.

That’s mighty kind of you, since I didn’t say that.

I’m clearly fired up? Or is that just what you were hoping to accomplish?

(Looks at join date) And I’m out.

specifically, you’re expecting people who use social media to reply even if you do find the practice bizarre and pathetic.

what if i started a thread that said “what’s not to get about social media? curious. i suspect those who don’t ‘get it’ are friendless and probably smells of urine.” ?

as for answering your question, i use facebook mainly for the pictures and partially to stay in touch with friends. i have a twitter and as with most people, i tried to use it to follow news/celebrities, not to generate my own tweets. however, like most people (i suspect), keeping up with twitter is exhausting and so it’s fallen by the wayside. i use spotify to get music. it’s convenient, legal, and free/cheap. recently i’ve been logging into google+ more and more because the “explore” link is like a reddit feed except with less hate and sarcasm.

I have a LiveJournal account where I post occasionally, so I voted Other. I tried and quit Facebook and Twitter. I’m on LinkedIn, but since I forget to go there, I don’t think it counts. Mostly, I just can’t get into an electronic social life. I’ve found the more connected I am, the more it annoys me.

Wow. I forgot about my LiveJournal account. Let me blow the dust off it and see if it still works…

My main one is FriendFeed - it was bought by Facebook a few years ago, mostly as a talent grab, I think, but it’s been interesting to see some of the features brought over. There’s a great core group there - but I don’t know where we’ll end up when/if FB takes it down eventually.

Define “do”. I have a LinkedIn account and a Facebook account. I log into LinkedIn maybe 4 times a year and find it 99.99% useless. I log into Facebook maybe once every other week, usually promted by some person posting a message which then sends me an email telling me that someone left me a message on Facebook. (Therefore slower and clumsier than just sending me an email). I don’t get Facebook, it’s motif (big freaking unabridged gloppy page of everycomment by everybody) just doesn’t work for me.

Google plus (yes, I do use it, and yes, there is life)

I tried and quite FB. Never tried Twitter. Keep thinking I should make a Linked In account - maybe after I start school.
That’s it.

SDMB is my major social networking thingie … though not so much now that I live in the middle of practically nowhere (ME) instead of smack dab in the middle of everything (SF).

I post to Facebook about once a month, whenever I remember I have a Facebook page. My last post was an hilarious comparison of the US Olympic Basketball team to the Harlem Globetrotters: “Who’s giving odds on the Washington Generals?” yuk yuk

I used to love LiveJournal: a thinking man’s Facebook. But that community seems to be deader than disco.

And just this week I’ve decided to create a Linked-In page in preparation for looking for a new job, or possibly career (I haven’t lost my old one, but I need a change).

I have a FB account so I can sort of keep track of grown kids’ activities. Two of them never post there anymore, so it’s kind of a bust at this point. I really hate that this has taken the place of actual conversation.