For those of you who like "Judge Shows" on TV who is your favorite Judge?

I like a few but Judge Hatchett is my favorite I even taped the episodes of the show that I couldn’t see I will miss her when school starts again.
Atleast I have a VCR.

Hmmm, either Mathis or Judy. Mathis is funny as hell, and Judy is a straight up bitch. I also hate the Texas justice guy, he’s totally lame.

Judge Crater

Judge Mills Lane!

Marilyn, without a doubt. She can get as outraged as Judy or Joe, but she’s not nearly as full of it. And she’s a babe.

What I really want to know is what all those judges think of each other.

Judge Joe Brown - I just love it when he gets all indignant, and he can really rip people a new one when he gets going.

I wish Judge Wapner were still on. He was my favorite of them all. Judge Judy is okay, too. Since I am rarely home to watch TV in the daytime now that I’ve had a regular weekday job for four years, I hardly ever see the current lineup.

Judy is good, but every now and then she gets too shrill and annoying. I guess I have to be in the right frame of mind. Joe Brown is too cool. He never gets upset, but he sure can handle his courtroom. When I’m home sick from work I look forward to a day of trashy talk shows and even trashier judge shows! :slight_smile:

Judge Judy is a kick just to see who she’s going to tear apart on any given episode. Judge Hatchett frightens me, because she doesn’t do normal disputes, she fancies herself some kind of relationship counselor/psychologist/preacher/intervention specialist, and I think she goes well beyond the scope of her education and training in almost everything she does. I don’t dig that. But the hands down winner for mindless watching is Marilyn Milian, because she’s beautiful, fiesty and bilingual, my favorite characteristics in a person. :slight_smile: