Judge Marylin Milan from the Peoples Court. A total Hottie

Does anyone else think that Judge Milan from the new version of the “Peoples Court” is a total babe?

I get home from school, I’m 32 and in college BTW, in time to see the show. I spend an hour every day watching the “Peoples Court” because Judge Milan is sexy, smart and funny as hell. That red hair is enough to get me going. She is also funny and has an attitude.

Man, she is my dream girl. Too bad she is married.


Bit hard to tell what she looks like under that robe, but she’s got a winning smile, for sure. Babe or not, she’s certainly a hell of a lot easier on the eyes than Ed Koch or Jerry Scheidlin. Intelligent, too, which I personally find sexy.

In any event, for some reason ever since she joined the PC I seem to keep having these fantasies involving being “punished” by Judge Miliam.

Er, did I just say that out loud?

Slee, you and Mr. tlw should get together to watch. He’s totally enamoured of Judge Milian. She is a helluva jurist, but I dunno about hottie. She can tell off a liar like nobody’s business though, and doesn’t have to make an ugly face to do it like Judge Judy seems to.

tlw, I cannot see under the robes but from what I can see she is beautiful. When you add in the fact that she is smart and doesn’t put up with BS it just adds to the attraction.

tlw, ask Mr. tlw why he likes Judge Milan and I bet we agree on why she is sexy. Since Mr. tlw and I like the same things I’d bet that he married you because of the same traits. Nice looking, smart and assertive.


forget the jurist crap, and the assertive nonsense…she’s just a babe!