For Witches/Pagans/Anyone With A Sense Of Humor...

A friend sent this picture today. I thought it was funny, and thought I’d share. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for you-know-who’s responses…

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!


Ha! That’s too funny!

That’s a good one. Now I’m gonna have to lurk here and see who gets offended lol

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I had never seen that before last Hallowe’en, but then every eastern suburb of Cleveland got one or two.

The best one was out at Fairmont and Caves, wrapped around a telephone pole. The corner has no trees and it looked pretty realistic.


Geeez, Tom! Just laugh. You don’t have to tell us which one’s better…

I am deeply offended by this so-called humor.

I am a recovering alcoholic and I applaud the barb at drunk driving. As a pagan and a feminist, I am also amused by the depiction of the witch.

BUT as a devout tree-hugger, I am horrified at the cruel abuse of the tree to promote this sick joke. Every year, hundreds of trees are injured and killed by careless humans. Sometimes the humans die, too, but it is the tree that is the real victim. Can you imagine standing there, minding your own business, feet firmly rooted in the ground, when suddenly a vehicle, fueled by your beloved ancestors, comes roaring toward you? The terror is unimaginable. More common is the everyday tree abuse of nails and carved signatures.
Stop the atrocities!

Send your donations to:
(Druids Against Drunks & Dunderheaded Yahoos)
117 Elm(remember the plague)Street
Oak(split atoms, not wood)Ridge, TN

Dunderheaded Yahoos! The most wonderful phrase I’ve heard in quite a while.

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Eye of newt and wing of bat has been shown to have an adverse effect on coordination and response times, and should not be used prior to operating a manual household cleaning device…

I will love this thing until everybody has one. Around here somebody did one with a skier last winter.

I once made two life like corpses out of some old clothes and leftover cow guts from the elocal butcher. It was neat…cars wold slow down and see these neighborhood cats running off with some unfortunate jogger’s liver.

The guy who lives directly across from my place of employment has one of these…once Halloween is over with, he covers over the witch outfit with a red suit with white fur trimming and puts a sled over the broom, a la Santa…it hangs up there until after New Year’s, getting wet and covered with road crud from passing cars.
It was funny the first couple times I saw it, but after seeing it EVERY EFFING DAY FOR THREE MONTHS, I felt like cutting down his stupid tree. And he does this every year… (sighhhhhh).

I’d seen one of these in my neighborhood and thought it was cute, but they didn’t have the sign. The sign makes it. I may have to print out the picture and leave it in their mailbox this year.